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Live Action Voltron?

¬†¬†¬†¬†Voltron is a show that is a childhood classic, but when the Netflix series ended in 2018, we were all wondering when we were going to get more. Well, we may have that answer. Rawson Marshall Thurber, a director, has been pitching a live action Voltron series to different companies. Some of the companies were Warner Bros, Universal, and Amazon. Amazon is beating the other two, although I don’t believe that’s the right call. Amazon Prime has better series than movies. This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to bring Voltron to the Live Action big screen, a multitude of directors have been trying to get Voltron live action since 2005. Thurber directed movies like Red Notice, Dodgeball and Skyscraper and so I believe he can do a really good job.¬†

¬†¬†¬†Though the director for the movie seems great, the writing and casting is another thing that makes or breaks the movie. Some fancasts have been really interesting, I’ve ¬†seen fancasts saying that Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Keith and Hunk should be played by Xolo Mariduena, Hideo Muraoka, Sophia Lillis, Aaron Bernards and Jacob Batalon respectively. All of those castings are really good, but I want to throw in a couple of my own. For Princess Allura I believe Tessa Thompson or Diamond White would be good. And I believe Kiernan Shipka and Rhys Darby would be nice for Romelle and Coran.


¬† ¬†I’m not sure who would be a good writer but they should probably bring back the writers who wrote the Netflix show. They have a good grasp on the characters and, I feel, could make this live action movie into a cinematic universe. Voltron is an IP that is loved by millions. I believe that if this movie actually happens with Amazon Prime and they do it right, a Voltron Live action show would be an amazing opportunity.¬†

    Amazon Prime has amazing shows, like Invincible and The Boys, and it would be epic to be able to add to that roster with a Voltron movie. But as i said, they need to be careful because if they make a horrible movie then it will be another Avatar: The Last Airbender, where the fanbase constantly mentions how a movie ruined a legacy of a show we all love. Unlike Star Wars which was originally live action, its harder to make a jump to animation and have the whole fanbase be into it. If they take care of this, I feel like making it a prime exclusive would bring a lot more subscribers. Unlike Warner Bros, Prime seems to be faithful to source material, i.e., The Boys and Invincible.  


¬†¬†¬†In conclusion, I believe this movie is a big opportunity for Amazon. Prime is a better choice than Warner Bros, not just because prime is faithful to source material, but because their company treats their actors nicer and Warner Bros has a ton of questionable practices¬† going on, like denying any wrongdoing towards Ray Fisher, because we all know that they treated him terribly. And they need to make sure they take the casting and who they hire to write this movie seriously and don’t give us another Avatar the Last Airbender.Voltron Team

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