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We finally have a Halo live action show…..BUT is it worth a damn!?

Ahoy geeks, Jimmie here! Been a minute since I have been on, but I am back at it.

I have been doing a bit of gaming on the ol’ Xbox, and I saw an ad for the new Halo TV series (TV being a bit of a misnomer there) on Paramount+. I do love me some Halo, and have played every entry in the series to date, but I was a little apprehensive with a show based on something I enjoy (I am sad that Cowboy Bebop went the way that it did.). After a little bit of contemplation I decided to set up an account to another damn streaming service, and jump on in against my better judgement. After pissing, and moaning a bit I fired up the show.

*Here is your spoiler warning. If you have not seen the show, and are triggered by juicy tidbits of awesomeness, it’s best you take off right about now!*














And here we go!

The first episode started as I would expect with a visit to a dirt ball of a planet, and a bunch of humans doing what humans do best: gambling, complaining about politics and getting hammered. Next thing you know we see a few young folks disobeying orders to now go exploring outside the walls of their outpost (Kids not listening to adults!? Imagine that.). This is where we get a brief intro to one of our main characters in this episode Kwan Ha (portrayed by actress Yerin Ha) who just happens to be the daughter of a human resistance general on their planet, Madrigal.

Kwan, do you really think pointing a rifle at Master Chief is a good idea?

And wouldn’t you know it, the Covenant decided to send down some of their troops to go after the humans while digging around for some kind of alien knick knack. This is when the show really took off for me as when the Covenants grunts started doing what they do I could really appreciate the level of gore when the lasers started firing off with the *pew pew pew*.


Real brave there, shooting a storage closet full of humans.


This opening sequence is pretty brutal, and will you at that, here comes the Spartans lead by ol’ Master Chief himself. These guys and gals are the spearhead of the USNC in the game and show in which they run head-on into some kind of shenanigans of the gun shooting type. Their entrance got me pretty jazzed as the costume design people for Halo did pretty good making some great armor for the actors to run around in.

How can you not want a set of armor like this?


Master Chief…..wait for it……..saves the day, not to mention Kwan’s ass, but this starts to complicate things for Master Chief. After a little jaunt away from the human outpost the Spartans do a little more fighting in a cave of some sort (Precursor hidey hole for goodies) which exposes the reason for the Covenant landing on the planet Madrigal: an ancient artifact. And of course someone has to go touch the damn thing, so have at it Master Chief. This induced a flashback to Master Chief’s childhood. These flashbacks don’t add much to the show right now, but there is some impact later on (more to come on future episodes).

Go for, dude! Touch the alien glowing thingee that could probably kill you!

Now, after touching the alien knick knack Master Chief had to go and take Kwan prisoner instead of off’ing her like he was ordered to do. Back on the planet Reach the military post is buzzing with activity where you see Dr. Halsey (played Natascha McElhone) prepping Cortana and trying to keep tabs on Master Chief since he is not exactly following orders at the moment.

We see a pretty good exchange of words between Capt. Keyes (played by Danny Sapani) and his kiddo Dr. Miranda Keyes (played by Olive Gray) before shifting focus to Master Chief and Kwan trying not to land on Reach. If they land Kwan will be going bye bye, and we can’t have that. We need her for the rest of the season. This part was predictable, but the two of them managed to get away from the space marines waiting for them to touchdown. Our last little shot of Master Chief, and Kwan on board their ship was when they were headed to an asteroid mining colony or something like that.

Soooooo, is Halo worth the trouble of getting on with Paramount+, and streaming this show? Yes, it really is. This show is pretty good, but not 100% following the story of the game. This is not a bad thing either as it keeps things interesting. I will be watching the hell out of this show, and touching on future episodes, so stay connected with us here, and on our Facebook page, Youtube channel and podcasts on all podcast services!

What did you guys think of the show? Did you love it or did you flush it twice to get rid of it? Let us know in the comments below!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Zachary Furr

    April 11, 2022 at 11:11 am

    The show was terrible. The plot and changing the characters was just awful. What was wrong with Nylund’s original Fall of Reach? 343 Industries just had to follow the same trend that is destroying movie making, that damn Political Correctness. Why change Jacob Keyes, a man that has been shown to be white in many games and novels, why black wash him to fit the agenda? Miranda Keyes was a ship captain, not a researcher, why change that? What’s wrong with introducing new characters to fit the narrative. Why take tried and true characters and make them into someone that they are not. Keyes and Halsey had a one night stand while she was looking for the Spartan Candidates. Halsey decided that she couldn’t raise Miranda and the Spartans at the same time and pushed her daughter off onto Jacob. A real beacon of hope that woman. that is just one of many problems that I have with the story so far. 343, you really should have stuck to your original story, you know, the one the fans loved.

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