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Star Wars

Star Wars Coming To Kingdom Hearts 4?

It appears that elements of Star Wars will be appearing in the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 4! As part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Kingdom Hearts series, Square-Enix treated fans to a few trailers and teasers of up-coming projects today. Two new entries in the series were announced: Kingdom Hearts Missing Link and Kingdom Hearts 4. The buzz today is mostly centered on the latter however. While the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 does show us some flashy set pieces, returning characters, and beautiful graphics, eagle-eyed fans noticed a few things. It looks like the galaxy far, far away is finally making it’s Disney/Final Fantasy-collaboration-debut in the series with this latest entry. Twitter user Dallin1016 posted these side-by-side shots of an AT-ST and what is clearly an AT-ST foot in the KH4 trailer.

Yes, that is clearly an AT-ST leg in the trailer. No, it’s not photoshopped in. There is also strong evidence that suggests that the forest scene is on Endor. due to the foliage but also the very similar setting and positioning of the waterfall and trees. The screenshot below is almost exactly like the Endor stage in Battlefront 2. You can find it at the 0:33 mark in the trailer here.


The Possibilities…

Kingdom Hearts fans and Star Wars fans have been demanding this crossover to happen as far as back as when Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Even as far back as production for Kingdom Hearts 3 was on-going many gamers demanded a game world inspired by Star Wars.

For those who are not in the know, Kingdom Hearts is a series of videogames developed in partnership between (The game studio that created Final Fantasy) Square-Enix and Disney. Most of the games have you play as Sora, a young teenage boy who travels to many worlds based on Disney properties (Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, Toy Story, Tron, etc.) in order to defeat an ambiguous threat to these realities known as The Heartless.

Most of the games in the series precede Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and it’s IP, Kingdom Hearts 3 was already in early development however when the deal was made. With KH4 being a fresh game in development there is a real legitimate chance that Star Wars will make it into the final game.

This makes perfect sense I believe. We have already seen that Lucasfilm isn’t afraid to dabble with Japanese studios as last fall we saw the arrival of Star Wars Visions, an anime anthology series. Expanding the Star Wars brand and dipping it’s toes with other IP is a smart move and one that ultimately benefits everyone involved and the fans. I am mostly excited about the idea of seeing a lightsaber keyblade now, the ultimate marriage between weapons.

And I’m not alone in wanting a lightsaber keyblade…

Closing Thoughts

The more I think about it the more crazy it seems to me, but this last decade has been full of amazing crossovers/cameos that I think this is all but guaranteed to happen. We never thought we would see all three Spider-Men in a film and yet we did. What are your thoughts about this crossover? Is there another Disney brand that you would love to make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts? Think Star Wars doesn’t really belong in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments! For more opinions pieces, news, reviews, list articles, etc. be sure to subscribe to GeekNewsNow! Make sure to subscribe to our social pages as well! Facebook here, Twitter here, and our YouTube page is here!

Interested in Star Wars and gaming news? Check out “My Star Wars Show” featuring my cohost Abram and myself. For gaming news and thoughts check out my weekly videogame oriented podcast, DuoSense here! As always, stay geeky!

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