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That Time Rimuru Got A Film

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime received big news as of recently. On March 3rd, a trailer dropped for the upcoming film sequel, Scarlet Bonds. Having aired it’s Season 2 finale on Sep 21st last year, It’s nice to see a continuation of Rimuru’s story. With the film set for launch in November, let’s take a look at everything we know so far for the upcoming film.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime:

Rimuru Tempest (Slime Form). Image from

Satoru Mikami, a hard-working salary-man, is stabbed and killed in a sudden attack. Upon dying, a disembodied voice overheard his wishes of not feeling pain amongst other things, reincarnating him as a cave slime. Renaming himself Rimuru Tempest, the now-young slime embarks on a journey to not only discover the new world he finds himself in, but the secrets that lie in the shadows as well.

Throughout his journey, Rimuru encounters many battles and acquires numerous allies. At the end of the second season, Rimuru had become an official Slime Demon Lord. With the story concluded, we are then introduced to the sequel: Scarlet Bonds.

Scarlet Bonds:

Ogre Clan survivor Hiiro, Benimaru’s brother. Image from

The upcoming November film takes place shortly after the second season. Razha, a kingdom west of Tempest (Rimuru’s home), is currently under a conspiracy. A power known as ‘Queen’ made itself known. Secondly, a survivor of the once-slain ogre clan appears. Hiiro, supposedly the long-lost brother of Benimaru, arrives to confront both him and Rimuru. Why he chooses to attack the two, is yet to be unclear. However, it appears he bores a grudge against Benimaru.

The kingdom of Tempest is suddenly involved with yet another conspiracy. With everything on the line, it is up to Rimuru and his allies to uncover the secrets behind ‘Queen’, and how this would effect the world as they know it.


The original cast of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime are to reprise their roles in the film. The most notable cast members include:

  • Miho Okasaki: The voice of Rimuru Tempest. Okasaki also voiced other main characters such as Mai Iwata from Fruits Basket, and Roux Cristasse from The Dawn of the Witch.
  • Makoto Furukawa: Voiced Benimaru, the Commander-in-Chief of Rimuru’s military. Furukawa had also lent his voice toward other series. These included Miyuki Shirogane form Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, and Taiju Ooki from Dr. Stone.

With the select cast returning to reprise their respective roles, I’m personally excited to see this series continue. Scarlet Bonds is set for release in November, this year. If you would like to share your opinion on the film sequel, be sure to leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear from you! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we constantly keep track of the latest geek-related news. As always, Stay Geeky!

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