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Generation 9; What We Know So Far

Generation 9 is finally here! An announcement trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet launched February 27th, following the latest Pokémon Presents. Even more exciting, the games’ trailer showed the new direction Game Freak will be taking with its newest installments. Let us take a look at the new content for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and what we can expect from the upcoming Pokémon titles.

Keep in mind, there’s only so little information out there regarding these upcoming Switch titles. Therefore, we will not be throwing in any speculations or expectations, rather providing only what we know so far.

Generation 9; Spain, But With Pokémon:

Gen 8 Pokémon Stonjourner in Scarlet and Violet. Image from poké

That’s correct, folks! Generation 9 is taking place in Spain. Or rather, it was inspired by Spain. While the new region remains shrouded in mystery, players are anticipating many great things to come from these new Nintendo Switch titles. However, The trailer for the games did reveal that it holds a diverse ecosystem from sand-swept deserts, to tropical beaches. Additionally, both games are said to be open-world exploration, following Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Secondly, Pokémon from Sword and Shield are also included in this regions’ Pokédex. That means that all 8 generations of Pokémon will be available in the games. Although, even with the inclusion of Gen 1-8, not every Pokémon should be expected to make the cut.

Next, that leaves us with another piece of information: the starter Pokémon.

Start Your Journey With New Allies:

Sprigatito (Left), Fuecoco (Center), and Quaxly (Right). Image from

The most interesting part about Scarlet and Violet, in my opinion, has to be the introduction of the new starter Pokémon. Thankfully, it’s still the grass, fire and water typing we’re all accustomed to. The starter Pokémon featured in the new generation include:

  1. Grass Cat, Sprigatito: Based on the domesticated, long-haired kitten. Standing at 1’04”, this feline loves attention from people. However, It tends to become very moody, depending on whether it received attention or not.
  2. Fire Croc, Fuecoco: Bearing traits of baby crocodiles, it also has similar traits of therapod dinosaurs. It is very laid-back, and tends to take things slow. Quite ironic, given it’s a fire type Pokémon, as they tend to have wild personalities. Additionally, the tufts atop its head indicates it also shares traits similar to chili peppers native to Spain.
  3. Duckling, Quaxly: This duckling Pokémon seems to be based on a young-crested duck, or young swan. Some suggest that its design also appears to resemble sailors, seeing how the teal hairstyle appears to be a sailor cap. On a side note, many Pokémon fans went on to joke that inspiration might’ve come from Disney’s Donald Duck.

The comments made throughout the web centered around the starters are quite humorous. I especially love those who had prayed for Sprigatito to stay on all fours. However, since both upcoming games are still brand new, there is still no confirmation about the starters’ secondary or final forms.

The Unnamed Heroes;

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet protagonists. Image from

Speaking of the game still being fresh, let’s discuss the playable avatars. While you can still choose between both the male and female characters, their outfits correspond with the Spanish school uniforms. Many continue to speculate this is largely due to the fact that the trainer is still in school during their Pokémon journey. Additionally, an alternately colored uniform is set in place for both games. While Scarlet is set to have the player dress in scarlet/orange, Violet trainers are set to be dressed in violet/blue.

While the outfit choice is rather unappealing to some, others still think that customization can still be an option during gameplay.

And, that’s all we have for now, folks. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set for release later this year. If you have an opinion on these upcoming Pokémon titles, let us know in the comments down below. We’d love to hear from you! Also, be sure to drop on by our Facebook page for more content from us. And, as always, Stay Geeky!

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