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Hill Country Comicon, Back For Year 3

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Hill Country Comicon. This is the first live in person event that I have attended since 2020 when large events had to be cancelled and rescheduled due to the Coronavirus. I am glad that I did.

Welcome Back

As we celebrate the return of live in person events, it is appreciated that event organizers are taking measures to ensure that attendees feel comfortable. The event was well mapped out to allow large booths for vendors to help prevent crowding and allow plenty of space for attendees to be able to maneuver through the crowd. There was also a large variety of vendors. The event coordinator did a fabulous job of getting a great variety of fan fueled merchandise from both local and nationwide vendors.

The panel rooms were a moderate size and did not make you feel like you were crowded or cramped. More importantly the panel schedule was planned out well enough to keep the attendees from feeling too rushed between panels. The times were scheduled far enough apart to allow for attendees to attend that panels without missing out on other events such as autograph signings, video game tournaments or demonstrations.

Variety of Guests

In addition to the celebrity guests Hill Country Comicon had a great selection of cosplay guests. From individual cosplayers to large cosplay groups such as The Mandalorian Mercs: Arquet Clan and Cap’s Crusaders. They gave the cosplayers their own designated areas away from the celebrity guests. As a member of a cosplay group, I can appreciate giving the cosplayers their own area to shine and meet with the fans. There was plenty of space for the fans to take pictures with their favorite cosplayers and chat with them at their booths to get to know more about them or purchase merch.




Stardust Cosplay and Meowto at Hill Country Comicon





Final Thoughts

The weekend overall was amazing, and it was a good time had by all. The only issue I experienced was that the venue seemed to lack parking. I’m unsure if that was a result of construction in the area or many of the nearby parking areas being restricted to local business. The first day it took be between 45 minutes to find a parking space within a reasonable walking distance. For the record I am used to paying to park at these types of events. I wasn’t looking for free parking I was just looking for parking where I wouldn’t risk being towed. I’m unsure how this issue would be resolved for this venue, but hopefully it is something that can be accounted for next year.


I am excited to attend this event in the future, and I am looking to the possibilities of attending Greater Austin Comic Con in July. Thank you for putting together such a great event.

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