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New RWBY Project Announced in Japan

Team RWBY Project

RoosterTeeth’s popular 3D Web Animation series RWBY has had a new project announced on twitter. The suitably named “Team RWBY Project” has shared few details currently with the promise of more coming soon. Along with the announcement came a piece of promotional art and the opening of a website. More will be revealed during a panel at the upcoming Anime Japan convention in March.

All that is known is that this will be visually “new” compared to previous RWBY productions. The Japanese focus and voice actors taking part at the convention however implies a possible animated production.

If you are curious the details for the panel are:

  • Saturday 03/26/2022
  • 9:30 JST (19:30 CDT, 17:30 PDT, 20:30 EDT, 00:30 GMT) 35 minutes
  • Red Stage
  • International watchers can pay for tickets to stream the panels. With VOD’s going up after the con closes for the day.

What is RWBY anyway?

RWBY Volume 7

source: RoosterTeeth

RWBY is a 3DCG animated series by RoosterTeeth productions. Other works of their’s include Netflix’s Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy and internet classic Red vs Blue. RWBY however may be their most successful original IP since starting in 2013. RWBY Originally was a series of shorter animated episodes  butnow runs full length like any TV anime and is eight seasons into it’s run. The science fantasy setting and characters have become iconic figures. As a result the franchise has created a lot of spin-off media. From soundtracks to YA novels, video games and tabletop RPG’s. The franchise even got a cameo in The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep at the request of one of the actors. Along this came a DC comics published comic and a crossover with the Justice League.

Most importantly here however is the connection it has with Japan. There is a fully dubbed version as well as specific home media releases. RWBY has also worked with Japanese artists to create several Manga collections, including an ongoing adaptation of the show. This news meaning that RoosterTeeth want to expand into Japan as well as provide new stories for fans to enjoy.

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