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Tabula Sono: Revolutionizing Tabletop RPG Gameplay

Icosa Studios has pulled out all the stops and created Tabula Sono, the greatest virtual table-top game assistant out there. As a longtime player of Dungeons and Dragons, seeing the demo of Tabula Sono at the Central Florida Comic Con in January 2022 was stunning. Icosa Studios has been kind enough to give us “Alpha” access to the early developer version of Tabula Sono and it is so much fun to use. Very intuitive, and virtually no learning curve. Perfect for players who like homemade (or homebrew) content.

So What Is It?

Imagine a system where the Dungeon Master can insert models, draw rooms, move walls, and even give the players control over their own characters, all on a browser based system, and all in real time. Best of all, it’s free! Below is the promotional video just released for their kickstarter campain.

Games like Dungeons and Dragons are games classified as “theater of the mind”. The players create characters, go on adventures, face dangers, traps, monsters, and complete quests using some dice and their imagination. For years players have used miniatures, set pieces, costumes, and maps to assist in the telling of the adventure. This helps us immerse ourselves into gameplay.

A sample of the world in Tabula Sono

For the last few years, while it has been difficult to meet in person with our friends, many players, including myself, have taken to online roleplay more than ever. Using programs such as Streamyard, Zoom, Google Meet, players have been able to still see and play in real time. Unfortunately the resources to bring back favorite elements, like battle maps and miniatures, has been a challenge.

Jim Powell of Icosa Studios saw the need of such a system, grew tired of the expensive and difficult-to-use resources that already existed, and decided to take control by introducing Tabula Sono. Tabula Sono is a free 3D virtual Tabletop. With over 1000 models of monsters, set pieces, and characters already installed, plus the ability to add your own 3D files means that players can take their virtual game to new heights.

Don’t I Need A Super Powerful Gaming Computer?

Tabula Sono can run on any modern browser on almost any computer. No special gaming pc or intense graphics cards required. The Dungeon Master can easily invite players to join, no downloads are necessary. It is not clear yet as to the abilities of Tabula Sono on mobile devices, but speaking with the developer myself, it is something on their radar.

If you are familiar with the Dungeon Guild livestreams we have done here at Geek News Now, then you know that we have been using miniatures as well on our streams, and we are all very excited to be introducing the Tabula Sono software into future games. To see some of the charity streams, you can head on over to our youtube.

While there will be some premium features available, the base free version is still the most powerful system out there. Still giving you access to all of the models. For more information about what will be included head on over to Be sure to also check out their kickstarter. There are some amazing incentives available. The Kickstarter will be happening until March 4th! Kickstarter backers will get early access to the software, before it’s official release in summer of 2022.

Tabula Sono on Kickstarter

Be sure to follow us on all of our social media, and our gaming team on Comment below what your thoughts are on this revolutionizing software and be sure to go support our friends at Tabula Sono and their kickstarter for the Month of February.

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