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Metallic Dice Games: Family-owned, American-Made

Metallic Dice Games is your best source for family-owned, American-handmade, quality gaming dice. If you have read my articles on Dungeons and Dragons posted here on Geek News Now, then you are definitely familiar with our partnership with MDG. Go to their website, use promo code “GNN” and receive 10% off your order site-wide including items already on sale.

Recently Metallic Dice Games was kind enough to put some dice up for our Dungeon Guild charity auction in October of 2021. With their help in the raffle we were able to raise almost $400 for Operation Supply Drop. Everyone here at Geek News Now is extremely appreciative of everyone over at Metallic Dice Games and their support. To learn more about Operation Supply Drop head on over to

Adam Hackett, CEO of Metallic Dice Games, and fellow Hoosier, was kind enough to answer a few questions about MDG.

“Gold Scatter Silicone Dice” available for purchase here

1. Can you give me a brief history of the company?

I started Metallic Dice Games about 8 years ago when I saw a lack of metal dice in the market.  Growing up in Indiana, Gen Con was always close by, and my family always loved going to see all of the different games- and dice!  After starting with metal dice, we’ve expanded into all different types of dice and accessories over the years.

2. Do you guys have a favorite tabletop game, beyond just Dungeons and Dragons?

We’ve had some Catan nights at the warehouse!

3. What is your most popular set of dice you sell?

It’s tough to say which of our dice sets is most popular at any given time, mostly because we are always releasing new dice!  Some of our newer sets like our Penguin and Silicone dice sets have been very popular at conventions lately.

“Penguin Acrylic Dice” by Metallic Dice Games available for purchase here

4. What is next for Metallic Dice Games? Anything exciting you can share?

We’re always working to bring new and innovative dice to the market.  We’ve just finished shipping our latest Kickstarter, our dice with liquid cores, and we’re continuing to improve and innovate in that area as we feel liquid core dice are a unique concept!

5. Thank you for answering these, I like to ask one more just for fun: If you could have any mutant power in the world, what would it be?


A special thank you to Metallic Dice Games for their time, partnership, and quality product.

For more details, head on over to Metallic Dice Games, use our promo code “GNN” and get yourself an amazing deal.
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