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2021 Geek Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and we all have at least one person on our list who we struggle to find the perfect gift for. Sometimes that is especially tricky when we are looking for gifts for our fellow geeks. Let our gift guide help take some of the guess work out of picking that perfect gift with the following gift ideas.

Wall Art From Displate

( $44 each)

Regardless of your fandom one thing we all enjoy is finding ways to display our fandoms in our living spaces. Displate has metal wall art for all fandoms from Dr. Who to The Witcher. They are easily hung and using magnetic attachments that means moving them around is as easy and a couple of clicks. They are sturdier than posters and will help them express their fandom for years to come.


GeekOn Boardgame Bags

(  $39.99-$199.99)

Image From

Most geeks enjoy playing boards games just as much as they enjoy video games. However, board games present two problems, storage and transportation. These versatile and sturdy game board bags can solve both of those problems. For the gamer just looking to transport a few games and accessories to their friends house or local game shop there is the Shuttletote game board bag. For transporting an storing larger game collections you have the Spacepack and the Ultimate Boardgame Backpack. Whatever your board game problems GeekOn has a solution.



( $89.99+)

For as long as most of us can remember we have wanted to fight with a lightsaber. Our childhood was filled with plenty of wrapping paper tube fights because they made the best lightsaber equivalent. For the bigger kids on your list check out Crimson Dawn Sabers. They have both stock and custom sabers with a wide variety of hilts and blades to choose from. Bring their childhood dreams to life with these high quality sabers from Crimson Dawn.


Colourpop Cosmetics

( $12+)

Image from

You can thank me for this one later. ColourPop cosmetics has too many great products to only recommend one. From their Disney Princess and Villains Collections to the new Madalorian Collection there are so many amazing products to choose from that I am sure you can find something for the beauty loving geek in your life.


Halo Action figure 4pk

( $20)

Image from

Ask any Halo fan and they will tell you there is no such thing as too much merchandise to represent their fandom. From resin cast statues to Master Chief’s helmet true fans of the franchise can never get enough and these four packs of 12” Action figures are sure to be a welcome addition to any Halo collection.


Did these suggestions help you check a few more people off your list? Tell us about the people you are still trying to shop for we may have a few more gifts we can recommend.

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