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Star Wars

“Star Wars: Hunters” Gameplay And Characters!

Earlier this week Zynga showed gameplay and playable characters for it’s free-to-play game, Star Wars: Hunters. The game is an arena shooter with 4 vs. 4 player matches featuring various characters that run the gamut from every corner of the galaxy. The trailer shows the Vespaara system that seems to serve as the host planet for this gladiatorial arena. We see glimpses of other stages such as Hoth and Kashyyyk. At last the trailer introduces us to the cast of characters. We first got a teaser for the game back in February and even speculated on what kind of game it could be. Clearly it’s a hero/arena shooter in the vein of Overwatch and Valorant. We still don’t have a release date for the game other than it coming at some point in 2022. Currently it is planned only for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.

Playable Characters:

Clockwise, Top Left: Imara Vex, Top Right: J-3DI, Bottom Left: Grozz, Bottom Right: Sentinel.

  • Imara Vex – A bounty hunter character who makes her debut in the Star Wars comicbook, War Of The Bounty Hunters #5. In the gameplay sizzle reel she fires off some shots from her blaster rifle and uses a grapple hook to swing above the battle for a better vantage point. Lastly she seems to be armed with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. A really dope loadout!
  • J-3DI – Apaprently J-3DI is a droid that has been programmed to believe it’s a jedi. He can’t use the force but he does use a sort of hookshot that can pull others towards him like a pseudo-force pull. We also see him deflecting shots with a lightsaber and even spinning his body with the lightsaber stretched out like a spinning top of death.
  • Grozz – A wookiee armed with a pair of battle axes that likes to get in close to face-to-face with the enemy. Grozz can also charge at opponenets and throw boulders pulled from the ground. An interesting set of moves.
  • Sentinel – Sentinel appears to be a heavy stormtrooper with a gatling cannon and energy shield on it, similar to the enemies from Jedi: Fallen Order. In addition he can call in extra stormtroopers to back him up. He seems like a very aggressive character and I like the firepower he is packing.

Characters Continued…

Clockwise, Top Left: Slingshot, Top Right: Rieve, Bottom Right: Utooni, Bottom Left: Zaina

  • Slingshot¬†– Slingshot is either the Ugnaught, the Droideka, or both of them together. Either way the Ugnaught rides the hollowed out Droideka like a vehicle while using it’s energy shield and rolling into enemies rapidly. This is probably the most original Star Wars character idea so far.
  • Rieve – Equipped with a red lightsaber, Rieve is a dark-side warrior. She can use the force to jump horizontally and close gaps with a lightsaber strike. She is also seen using the force to pull multiple opponents towards her like a magnet for close quarters combat.
  • Zaina – Zaina appears to be either a scout or solider for the New Republic, notably she has prosthetic legs. She can throw grenades and appears to serve in a support role of some kind as she is seen throwing down an AOE (area of effect) ability that seems to have a positive effect on her allies.
  • Utooni – Utooni is actually two jawas standing on one of their shoulders and it is by far the silliest character concept so far, and I love them! They work in tandem to build a laser cannon out of nothing and seem to employ some electric ray gun as well.

If you wish to see the actual trailer itself then check it out below.

Closing Thoughts

Personally I’m not too thrilled about it, but it being free-to-play means I will definitely give it a try when it comes out on Switch. What are your thoughts? Think there is room for another hero/arena style game in the competitive game scene? Does everything that has a Star Wars skin on it do well? Post your thoughts down below and I will respond.

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