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Star Wars

Ho-Ho-Ho! Ten Christmas Gifts Worthy Of Ten “Star Wars” Characters!

Imagine once again… It’s present-day Earth, and ten characters from the Original Trilogy of Star Wars somehow find themselves among us as visitors during the Christmas season! Well, if they’re here for the holiday, let me share my idea of what would be the perfect Christmas gift for each character!

This Blu-ray copy of American Graffiti (1973) with special features is priced at $14.77! Pictures credit to

1. Luke Skywalker: American Graffiti (Blu-ray)

This hot-roddin’ youngster knew how awesome it felt to go cruising in his own… err… “wheels” with his pals back on Tatooine! One look at this movie with its penchant for the glory days of cars and rock’n’roll would appeal to young Skywalker.

Priced at $25.95 these two hats are perfect for a captain and their co-pilot! Picture credit to

2. Han Solo: Captain & First Mate Baseball Caps

Intergalactic smuggler meets national trucker in this perfect gift for one Captain Han Solo and the First Mate of his choice (probably Chewie)! Whoever gifts these to Han knows what an accomplished starship captain he is and knows the galaxy could use the sight of him sporting a trucker-style cap as he makes the next run.

This turkey fryer and assorted gear is priced at $139.99! Picture credit to

3. Chewbacca: Turkey Fryer

Whether Chewie discovers his favorite holiday bird of choice for the table is turkey or (in future) porg, this fryer is perfect for cooking his Christmas (or Life Day) feast for friends and loved ones to enjoy! This outdoor item from Creole Feast can do it all: deep-fry a turkey, fry fish/french fries, boil vegetable soups, and steam seafood! Chewie just better be careful not to cook his Wookiee arm hair in that hot grease.

Be a literature rebel with this combination scarf/shawl priced at $45! Pictures credit to

4. Princess Leia Organa: “A Christmas Carol” Scarf/Shawl

It’d be just plain weird if Leia wanted earmuffs… But this scarf/shawl two-fer item is bound to keep Her Worshipfulness warm the next time the Rebellion hits a snowy planet! What’s more, the design on the item hearkens to a certain Christmas tale which, I believe, Leia of all people would read and love!

A great lounging shirt for the gentleman of leisure at $19.95-$24.95 size depending! Pictures credit to

5. Obi-Wan Kenobi: “Old Guys Rule – Happy Camper” Tee-Shirt

Kenobi’s been in a form of forced retirement for about twenty years; he deserves a chance to kick back and relax in style: hence this particular shirt which depicts a fellow doing exactly that beside his camper! Funny how it sorta parallels Kenobi’s hut.

Anyone would look epic in this reverse cape available at $19.97! Pictures credit to

6. Lando Calrissian: Grilling Apron

We know Lando and his love affair with capes… Now watch him make the holiday transition to grill master with this perfect apron which reads “an apron is just a cape on backwards”! Think of this as a gag gift from Lando’s old buddy Han!

Screen-accurate Red Ryder bb gun available at $59.96! Pictures credit to

7. Boba Fett: Red Ryder BB Gun

You couldn’t have expected yet another blaster! No, sometimes this bounty hunter needs to shoot for fun! Plus, any Jedi or Sith targets deflecting the bb’s would send hot metal pieces scattering at their allies! This item is rather like the model Ralphie Parker wanted in A Christmas Story (1983) with a built-in compass and a sundial.

Memoirs of a talented man indeed! Picture credit to

8. Grand Moff Tarkin: “Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs”

Anaccount of this famous English actor would, for some reason, catch the eye of Tarkin! In his quiet, lonely hours off-duty for The Empire, Tarkin would probably sit back and read all about Peter Cushing and his long-time career including roles in Hammer’s Dracula and Frankenstein movies, the first Doctor Who movie, and this strangely familiar tale about intergalactic civil war…

Lump of Coal Soap from Santa Claus for everyone’s inner naughty available at $14.99! Pictures credit to

9. Darth Vader: Lump of Coal

Let’s face it: Vader’s been a naughty boy… Plus, it must get sweaty in all that black leather! So, ol Santa must’ve given Vader this soap which resembles the gift for all on the naughty list! Coming from the Waterfall Glen Soap Company, LLC, this lump of coal soap bar is sandalwood and cedar infused with Dead Sea salt, black color from activated charcoal, and arrives with a “Sealed Certificate of Naughty from Santa”!

Death Wish Coffee; available at $19.43! Pictures credit to

10. Emperor Palpatine: Dark Roast Coffee

Not just any dark roast coffee, but “the world’s strongest coffee” made from Death Wish Coffee Co.! It’s a busy life being Sith Lord and Emperor to the galaxy; it’s no wonder ol’ Palps always looks so drained! One sip of this coffee from the dark side and its “never-bitter cherry and chocolate flavor”, he’ll perk right up to executing dastardly orders in no time!

If any of the aforementioned Christmas gift items catch your fancy this Christmas season, links to each one are on each item/category title!

Agree with the list? Disagree? What do you think would be the ideal Christmas gift for each Star Wars character? Comment below! Check out this Geek News Now article about what many of the same Star Wars characters’ favorite Christmas movies might be! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give it a like on its Facebook page!

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