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Batman Legacy Up To Bat! Six Things “The Batman” Needs To Keep The Dark Knight Alive!

The Batman (2022) appears bound to be a smash hit! Both trailers released so far revealed peeks at an exciting, dark Batman tale… but trailers for other movies in past years have told one story (exciting and engaging) only to pull the rug out from under our feet and deliver some very sleepy, unexciting final products we paid good money to see. As we await the release of The Batman, let’s consider what factors would make this new Dark Knight rise to excellence while keeping intact — or enhancing — the Batman legacy.

In no particular order…

Batman silently watches over Gotham City! Picture credit to

1. Dark Tone:

Unlike Superman, Batman lives in a dark, gritty world where not only the criminally insane or common crooks prowl the streets of Gotham but the forces of corruption infiltrate and rot many avenues of law, order, and hope. Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) explored the corruption; but things have yet to seem desperate yet end with some hope. The Batman should utilize this element to establish what’s bound to be Batman’s long-time mission fighting crime.

Watch the master detective at work! Picture credit to

2. Detective Skills:

A key factor to Batman — he is arguably the world’s greatest detective; but none of the Batman flicks so far have given this focus! Riddler has the potential of being a brainy DC version of Jigsaw from the Saw movies; I’d wager a lot of people want to see our pointy-eared detective pit his skills against such a cerebral-yet-deadly opponent.

Batman surrounded and ready to fight! Picture credit to Twitter (via @blurayangel)

3. Fight Scenes:

We don’t just want to see the detective; we want to see the master fighter in his early days. Give us imperfect fights where Batman wins, loses, and either way it’s not a smooth challenge for him; it’ll ground this superhero into reality for us.

The ending we all remember with its epic film score! Picture credit to YouTube (via “silenig” channel)

4. Powerful Film Score:

Arguably the best Batman movies — whether you turn to Michael Keaton’s Batman (1989) or Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight trilogy — both had scores which packed powerful punches and made good stories only better. Consider the Main Titles to Batman or the finale to The Dark Knight… Both film scores were hauntingly beautiful and action-packed in the right places.

Composer Michael Giacchino takes on The Batman; word so far praises a teaser‘s “overtly gothic score”… It does sound amazing and worthy of Batman.

Batmobile, muscle car, or both! Picture credit to

5. The Batmobile:

It’s a given that each new film incarnation of Batman is going to have a new take on his most famous ride. But taste being subjective, the over-all design of the Batmobile is going to suit the needs, style, and world of each Batman story. The Batman — set in Bruce Wayne’s early days establishing all things Batman — seems to favor the look of muscle cars for its new Batmobile; something which fans like Geek News Now’s own Jimmie Draper feel the film could’ve improved.

“Welp, I would go for something more customized.” said Draper. “Bruce is loaded, and would have access to better gear. Of course this is set on a different earth, but still he would have some goodies to play with.”

Two solid versions of the same Batman villain: The Joker! Picture credit to

6. A Compelling Villain:

The best Batman movies each had a central villain; one who wasn’t simple in their design or goal, but proved lethally cunning by motivation or by example (or both). We’ve had two utterly amazing portrayals of The Joker; one in Jack Nicholson from Batman and the other in Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight. Nicholson’s Joker didn’t seem to have a master plan, but rather enjoyed causing deadly mayhem; his presence as the Clown Prince of Crime endeared us to him and we believed he was a force to be reckoned with. Ledger’s Joker would claim he didn’t have a master plan amidst his spreading of chaos and anarchy, yet he was always a step ahead of Batman.

Paul Dano’s Riddler in The Batman, seemingly taking the lead villain role, appears to be a force which will truly test the world’s greatest detective; let’s hope he is what he appears.

The Batman promises to be amazing; lets see what dark mystery awaits our Dark Knight! Picture credit to

The Batman has a chance to raise stakes and yet touch on enough familiar elements to keep Batman alive for movie-goers; but look at Trailer 1 and Trailer 2 and tell me things aren’t looking up for cinematic Batman! Trailers can make many promises though; and whether the movie succeeds in doing so is unknown until March 4th, 2022 when it releases in theaters. I’ll be waiting to see and find out if The Batman lives up to expectations.

What would you like to see utilized in The Batman to keep the Dark Knight’s story interesting? Comment below! Check out a Geek News Now piece about the horror vibes The Batman is said to have. See the article from Inverse on the Gothic music for The Batman! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give it a like on its Facebook page!

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