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Animal Crossing: Expensive Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons finally released their update and DLC. This included Harv’s island, Kapp’n’s Boat Tours, Island Upgrades, and so much more. I play New Horizons, myself, and enjoy it very much. On the other hand, even I had been taken aback by the amount of Bells, Miles, and Time I spent in order to enjoy everything.

In a previous article I wrote, I spoke of what to expect in this new update. Now, I’ll be taking you on a tour of my own to give you an idea on just how much in-game currency it takes to obtain a true Animal Crossing experience.

Animal Crossing’s Island Upgrades:

Standard home for New Horizons players. Image provided by

It comes to no surprise that the first to talk about is, of course, your island life. The recent update not only allows players to customize their island home, but to also do a variety of things. These include:

  • Storage Expansion/ Exterior Upgrade: In order to reach 5,000 in storage space, be ready to spend a grand total of 3,300,000 Bells. However, you can only do one expansion per day. This is mainly to deter the player from being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Bell costs. This requires talking directly to Tom Nook, himself, and paying upfront. Yikes. In addition, there will also be a choice to change your home exterior. This, thankfully costs 5,000 bells.
  • Ordinance: Speak to Isabelle, and she will require a payment of 20,000 Bells in order for an ordinance to take place. These can range from shops and villagers rising early, to having everyone maintain cleanliness on the island. However, this is a daily thing, and you can only do one change per day. Choose carefully.
  • Brewster’s Coffee Shop: This one was a bit tricky. First, you have to talk to Blathers at your Museum. There, he will give you a photo of an old friend of his. Next, take an island tour, and speak to Brewster. After talking to him, return to Blathers, and it will take a total of two days before Brewster officially sets up shop. Phew! A lot of steps, but worth it in the end, if you like coffee.

Kapp’n Island Tours:

Kapp’n chilling at your dock in New Horizons. Image provided by

Now, the trailer showed a Kapp’n Tour can take you to a special island. However, keep this in mind: This is a daily thing. That’s right, folks. While it only costs 1,000 Miles per trip, you can only go to these islands once a day. No need to worry, though. It is worth every mile, as Kapp’n will sing a sea chanty to keep you company. Once he makes his stop, you can come across a variety of islands. It is randomized, as some are rarer than others.

These islands range from seasons, times of day, and different flora and vegetables. Not only does this help in farming seasonal items, but also gyroid fragments. Digging up these bad boys and planting them on your island is great for producing special Gyroids. Be sure to water them in order to get a special addition to your island.

Harv’s Weekly Marketplace:

Entrance to Harv and Harriet’s expanded island. Image provided by

Harv’s Island is, by far, the easiest of everything to do in this new update. While it takes well over a possible week and a half to complete, each donation for a new shop costs a mere 10,000 bells. These donations are done daily, but the shop owners appear the day after, allowing a continuation of donations to occur.

While all this is well and good, bear in mind the NPC’s only follow their appropriate schedule. For an easier look, the list of NPC’s on Harv’s island includes:

  • Sahara- Rugs and Wallpapers.
  • Kicks- Shoes and Socks.
  • Redd- Art (Real or Fake, be careful. Here’s a guide from our friends over at Polygon to help with that).
  • Leif- Plants and Vegetation.
  • Reese and Cyrus- Customization Shop.
  • Katrina- Fortune Teller.
  • Tortimer- Storage Access.

With these NPC’s staying put all in one location, this is a sure fire way to get necessary things done faster. However, don’t expect new items to turn up everyday, as their schedule keeps everything strict. As far as this update is concerned, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is looking to be a truly amazing game!

That’s about it from me, folks! I’m having loads of fun here at Geek News Now, getting so much more done than ever before on this game. This is a free update, and comes along with the purchase of New Horizons, so don’t worry about missing out on this wonderful experience. If you wish to gain the full experience, there is a DLC available for purchase in the E-Shop for $24.99.

I hope you all have fun with this update, because I know I am! If you have an opinion on Animal Crossing, be sure to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook Page, and say hello! Here’s to a better future for Island Life! As always, Stay Geeky!

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