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Animal Crossing: New Updates Upon The Horizons!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has done it again! On October 15th, Nintendo announced their most critical, and final, update to this wonderful Switch title. This includes new locations, familiar faces, and many more. To cover it all, yours truly will give a brief explanation on things to come in the meantime. With so much to cover as we await the release date, lets dive into what’s to come.

Animal Crossing’s Familiar Faces:

Sailor Kapp’n in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image provided by

Although new things are coming to New Horizons, that doesn’t mean you’ll be overwhelmed. Rather, quite the opposite. As you head out for a stroll, you’ll find a familiar face waiting for you at the water. No, not a Sea Bass, I’m sure we’ve seen plenty of those. It’s Kapp’n, a sailor who sings you little tunes as he takes you to wonderful island destinations.

These islands are special, as they vary from seasons, to different times of day. Secondly, some will even provide special flora. Kapp’n will be waiting at your island’s dock, so be sure to pay him a visit every now and then to keep the sea lover company.

Cozy Tea Time:

Coffee Shop owner Brewster to be added to New Horizons. Image provided by

Tired of exploring your island for the day, and want to just relax with some coffee? Now, there’s no need to worry. Brewster, a coffee-loving pigeon, sets up shop located inside Blather’s Museum. Animal Crossing: New Horizons reintroduces his coffee shop, allowing you and your friends to meet up and relax as you enjoy a good cup of joe. A single cup is simply 200 bells. That’s even better, wouldn’t you say? In addition to this, island residents might even pop in once in a while to enjoy a cup, themselves.

Harv and Harriet’s Island Expansion:

Harv and Harriet’s island expansion plan. Image provided by

Yes, that is correct! Harv’s Island, the one where you get to take special photos at, is getting an upgrade. Alongside Harriet, Harv is making plans to expand his island to include a variety of shops. These include Kick’s shoe shop, Sahara’s rug store, and more.

No longer will you need to wait for these special visitors to arrive and scramble to receive special trinkets for your island. Now, they’ll simply set up shop and provide you with everything you need. Do keep in mind, you will need to contribute Bells in order to bring these shops to life. So, be sure to carry enough on your person once you plan on visiting the dynamic duo.

Animal Crossing Town Hall Update:

Town Hall in New Horizons. Image provided by

Tired of not being able to interact with specific islanders when you want to? Need them to go to sleep, so you can clean your island a little? That’s where Ordinance’s come in! Each of these special calls performs a specific task:

  1. Beautiful Island: Flowers wont wilt, and everything is kept in tip top shape during your absence on the island.
  2. Early Bird: Shops open and close early, with villagers waking up early as well.
  3. Night Owl: Like the Early Bird, but opposite.
  4. Bell Boom: Items sell for more Bells, and cost less to pay for.

In the earlier Animal Crossing games, these special ordinances required a total of 20,000 Bells to enact. So, be sure to have enough pocket money if you wish to perform each task. In addition to this, Tom Nook’s counter will now allow you to modify the exterior of your home to match your island’s landscape. Also, speaking with Tom will allow you to select the option to expand your home storage from 2400 to 5,000. That’s a whopping increased storage space. Be sure to also keep an eye on those Nook Miles. They might allow you to do a variety of special things.

When Can I Get Started?

This new update will be free to download on November 5th. Be sure to stop on by your island to enjoy these new additions to your game. Also, a DLC, titled Happy Home Paradise, will be included alongside the release. However, this new DLC, launching same day as the Update, will be $24.99. Secondly, the preorder for Happy Home will be available starting October 29th. Whether you want the new DLC is up to you, but this new free update speaks volumes for how much Nintendo cares for their players.

And, that’s about it. That covers pretty much everything about the upcoming content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Got an opinion you’d like to share? Be sure to leave it in the comments below, and let us know how you feel about it. Also, be sure to stop on by our Facebook page, and say hello. And, as always, Stay Geeky!

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