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Holy Half-Finished Expletive, Batman! New “The Flash” Teaser Focuses On New Suit And The Dark Knight!

The 2021 DC FanDome revealed The Flash (2022) movie teaser trailer and I am fanboying harder than Barry Allen at the sight of Batman memorabilia! The teaser doesn’t give away a lot; and yet it’s exactly enough to whet the appetite of the fan to see more!

Prefaced by The Flash¬†lead Ezra Miller, the star shared how since the film is still in production they couldn’t — though they wanted to — provide a proper trailer on October 16th. Going in after this, I kinda rolled my eyes and said “Oh, so we’re just getting more talk from the cast/crew about how ‘great’ this movie will be, touching on the same story themes as at last year’s DC FanDome. Joy of joys”…

The scarlet speedster’s new suit! Picture credit to YouTube (via Gamer’s Cinema channel)

Then I saw the teaser they gave and I ate my own words.

While it’s true that not a lot of story and information could be given, this teaser properly prepares fans of The Flash — and especially fans of a certain late 80s Caped Crusader — for what’s to come.

Arrival at an ominous-looking Wayne Manor! Picture credit to YouTube (via Gamer’s Cinema channel)

The teaser, seen here, shows us a familiar-looking mansion in a grey, misty day… Score music from Batman (1989) plays in the background establishing a somber mood as what appears to be Barry Allen and someone else exit a cab and approach this foreboding estate. Over a series of clips, a voice says “Tell me something… You can go anywhere you want, right? Any timeline, any universe; why do you wanna stay and fight to save this one? You changed the future, and you changed the past.”

The Dark Knight (of the 80s) returns! Picture credit to YouTube (via Gamer’s Cinema channel)

The thing is, we all guess who the speaker is… It’s got to be Bruce Wayne as played by Michael Keaton! And the large mansion is Wayne Manor! This is emphasized by the dark Batman silhouette seen walking into frame toward the end before Barry Allen — standing beside Supergirl (Sasha Calle) — and a surprising second speedster also played by Ezra Miller — asks the figure “Are you in?”

If you’ve seen the teaser, then you saw all the clips they could spare and are probably wondering the same things: if Barry Allen pulls a “Flashpoint” and saves his mother but at a significant cost, how this leads to the DC Multiverse, what Supergirl’s role will be, who this second speedster that looks like Barry is, and how we get to this new Flash suit that looks so electric and alive.

Though this trailer doesn’t reveal any central villains, I’m eager to see who will be Flash’s big bad here. In the “Flashpoint” story arc of the comics, traditional Flash villain Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash plays a role in impressing upon Barry what the former has done in changing timelines. For the new movie, there’s been no sign so far of Thawne nor any villain and that’s one thing I hoped to see at this DC FanDome.

Barry Allen (center) assembles the heroes to a common cause! Picture credit to YouTube (via Gamer’s Cinema channel)

However, I am nonetheless psyched for this movie and want more! It will be some time before we get a proper trailer, and awhile still before we see the actual movie itself. Count me eager and ready to see it all! The visuals and the mood of this teaser are great and do the job of enticing one’s interest.

While I mostly love Flash from the early 2000s Justice League animated series — the silly and boyish Wally West — I dig this equally boyish (certainly fanboyish) Barry Allen… He practically squees out an almost expletive at the very end of the teaser as he uncovers what appears to be the 1989 Batmobile.

Someone geeks out over this seemingly long-retired Bat vehicle hidden in the recesses of the Batcave! Picture credit to YouTube (via Gamer’s Cinema channel)

This Flash — the DCEU Flash — will be endearing to fans because of his demeanor and love of geeky/nerdy things. He is us; the fanboys and fangirls who geek out over all that same thing! Go Barry!

Does the teaser for The Flash get you interested in seeing the movie, let alone the first actual full-length trailer? Comment below! Check this Geek News Now article about last year’s DC FanDome spill about The Flash! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give it a like on its Facebook page!

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