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Book Review

Wonderful Women Of The World, Celebrate The Wonder Woman In You

Throughout all modern history, never has there been a time when geek culture needed a publication like this more than it does now. In celebration of the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman, Wonderful Women Of The World is an illustrated anthology that take us on a journey of what women have accomplished to have our voices heard loud and clear.


Edited by The New York Times best-selling author Laurie Halse Anderson and featuring cover art By Nicola Scott. These comic shorts embrace the challenges faced by many of today’s top female figures. They embrace the importance of the messages that are communicated to young people and how those messages can empower the next generation to go on to accomplish anything that they set their minds to. The stories tell you of all the people who inspired those we look up to. Tales of Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and complete strangers inspiring a generation of people who were determined to beat the odds

Inspiring New Generations

These pages are packed with inspiring stories from all around the world. It’s more than the words and the stories the images help tell the story. Stories of people working to build a better future. People using their influence to bring about real change for communities around the world. By doing so they are inspiring the next generation to dream big and never give up.


Women’s contributions to science and math are often forgotten. This brings those accomplishments to life. The illustrations put faces to many things that most people take for granted in the fields of science and technology. By giving these accomplishments a face, it will inspire girls and young women to pursue their dreams. Let them see people who remind them of themselves making history with life saving discoveries and technological break throughs.


Most importantly it reminds us not to forget the women who fought for us to be where we are today.  Tales of the heroic women who fought for all women to ensure that the rights we have fought so hard to have are not taken away. These stories are more important than ever to share with all women, they serve as a reminder that we will always be stronger than we think we are. Let these tales inspire women to stand up and voice their opinions even when nobody else in the room agrees.

Never Forget

Women are an unstoppable force of nature and Wonderful Women Of The World highlights that in a way that can be celebrated across all generations. Mothers to daughters, grandmothers to grandchildren, aunts to nieces and sister to sister . While this may have been created with young adults in mind there are still stories that can inspire all ages to be the real life super heroes in their stories. This book can be found online and in select shops nationwide.

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