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Auction Sets Record Which Has People Asking “What’s In YOUR Closet?”

RUNNEMEDE, NJ, SEPTEMBER 20, 2021¬†‚ÄstComic books featuring superheroes including Batman, The Avengers, Superman, Thor and others smashed records at auction this weekend. The bidding was topped by a $1.47 million price tag for a rare copy of¬†Batman #1, the first comic dedicated exclusively to The Dark Knight, and was an all-time record for the comic in its grade. The auction was hosted by¬†Goldin, the leading marketplace for trading cards, collectibles and memorabilia and was the company‚Äôs first non-sports auction.

In addition to the massive price paid for Batman, the auction boasted a copy of the¬†1962 Marvel “Amazing Fantasy” #15 comic¬†featuring the first-ever appearance of Spider-Man, which sold for $707,000. It also included a comic featuring the¬†first-ever appearance of Thor, which sold for $319,800, an all-time record for this comic in any grade.

In total, the auction finished with more than $10.7 million in sales, and included several highly sought-after comic books as well as some of the rarest retro and modern video games and trading card items ever, dozens of which set all-time highs for sale prices in their grades. Select notable items from this auction include:

“Batman #1,” featuring one of the most iconic covers from the Golden Age of comics, drawn by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, released in March of 1940. It sold for nearly $1.5 million.


Pokemon card portrays Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of The Pokemon Company, accompanied by the Pokemon Rotom and a Master Ball. It sold for just over $236,000.


  • A¬†1939 Superman #1 comic, the first comic dedicated to Superman (graded CGC 1.0): $137,760¬†(an all-time record for this comic in this grade)
  • A sealed copy of¬†1988 Super Mario Bros. 2¬†(graded WATA 9.4/A+): $136,530¬†(an all-time record for Super Mario Bros. 2 in any grade)
  • A 1985¬†NES Super Mario Bros. Late Production¬†sealed game (graded WATA 9.2/A+): $124,230¬†(an all-time record for this version of Super Mario Bros. in this grade)
  • A Sealed copy of¬†Mortal Kombat (graded WATA 9.8/A+), one of the most influential fighting games ever: $81,180¬†(an all-time record for a Mortal Kombat game)
  • A Nintendo 64 copy of¬†GoldenEye 007 (graded WATA 9.4/A++), the game that revolutionized the first-person shooter genre: $59,040¬†(an all-time record for any public sale of GoldenEye 007 in any grade)

The auction description states that the classic comic has the spine of the cover completely split & cover & centerfold re-attached with tape. Despite the damage, it sold almost $138,000.


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