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Pokémon Unite: League, But With Pokémon

On June 24th, Pokémon Presents announced their first battle arena game, Pokémon Unite. Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play online game developed by Timi Studio Group. The game became available for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st. Furthermore, it will also be available for Android and IOS on September 21st. Before we go any further, let’s discuss what this game is all about, and how it compares to others, such as League of Legends.

Choose your ‘Mon:

Some Pokémon available to play as. Image provided by

There are well over 20 Pokémon to choose from. As a result of this mechanic, each one can be unlocked the further you progress within the game.

Each Pokémon that is available during gameplay fall under certain Battle Types. These include:


  1. Attacker: Low endurance with the exception of range and heavy damage.
  2. Speedster: High mobility and offense, including scoring quick points.
  3. All-Rounder: Balanced offense and endurance. In addition, these are also tenacious fighters.
  4. Defender: High endurance and capable of providing assists in order to hinder opponents.
  5. Supporter: Inflicts status conditions on opponents, and heals nearby allies.

With a variety of Pokémon to choose from, this allows players to determine which character suits them the most.

Pokémon Unite Gameplay:

Map of Remoat Stadium. Image provided by

In this real-time strategy game, the main goal is to win set matches against your opponents. Each match can range from a 5v5, Ranked Battle, or Quick Match. As a result, this allows diversity within competitive gameplay. However, in order to use Pokémon in battle, you must first acquire their respective license. Each license can vary on price, and will cost the player Aeos coins (In-game currency). Secondly, another payment option can be Aeos Gems (Secondary in-game currency acquired through real-world currency).

Pokémon Unites’ matches begins with each team starting at their Base. The objective is quite simple: defeat your enemy team by destroying their goals. Another option includes scoring more points before time is up. As you make your way across the map, numerous wild Pokémon will spawn in various locations. These locations vary between top lane, bottom lane, or center field.

Special Spawns:

Gameplay involving teams attacking Boss Spawn Zapdos. Image provided by

The most notable spawns during the match are known as Boss Spawns. These bosses include:

  • Rotom (Top lane): Upon defeating Rotom, it will shorten the time it takes to score a goal.
  • Zapdos (Center field): Defeat Zapdos in order to earn your team more points. In addition, Zapdos will also deal heavy damage to opposing Players, temporarily stunning them in the process. However, only the final blow dealt to Zapdos will matter.
  • Drednaw (Bottom lane): Defeating Drednaw will provide you and your team a shield buff. This allows your team to endure attacks long enough in order to make more progress in the match. In addition, Drednaw will also give the players of the team a nice chunk of points. Similarly, just like Zapdos, only the final blow to Drednaw will matter in the long run.

The main goal of these special spawns is to just simply defeat them in battle in order to acquire perks for you and your team.

And, that’s pretty much enough to cover the basics of Pokémon Unite. With news of new Pokémon on the way to add to the roster, many new players are looking forward to see what lies ahead for this League of Legends-themed Switch game.

Have your own opinion of Pokémon Unite? Want to provide insight on how you perceive this new game? Then, be sure to stop on by our Facebook page, ad say hello! And, as always, Stay Geeky!

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