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Gamers Drink Up! How @[Root] Powered the Geek News Now Team!

A drink by gamers, for gamers?

Yes we know, there are 1138 various energy drink companies out there promising all sorts of miraculous things when you guzzle down their sugar-infused liquids. However, @[Root] stood out to the members of the Geek News Now staff in various ways. First, let’s knock a couple of words your way with Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Never heard of it? We hadn’t either.

But it turns out that Lutein¬†and zeaxanthin can help protect your¬†eyes¬†from harmful high-energy light waves like ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Studies suggest that a high level of both in¬†eye¬†tissue is linked with better¬†vision, especially in dim light or where glare is a problem. Don’t take our word for it. There are almost a dozen different sources that agree.¬†


The can itself is eye-catching.



I decided to have a few gamers over to the GNN Fortress of Solitude to try out a case. The packaging of the can alone got their attention. The slender can was a hit as was the bright colors that were used. “It reminds me of drinks you see coming out of Japan,” one person said. “There’s so much to look at on here. I mean, the name stands out, but check out everything else!”

The crew loved that this is a lower-sugar drink. You get the added benefits of getting ALL of your daily recommended value of Vitamin C and D as well as a healthy dose of Niacin, Vitamin B6 and B12. You get the caffeine from a great energy drink, but not the sugar. Thankfully, the makers also decided to make the serving size just one can. No complicated math required.

But let’s get down to the TASTE of the drink. @[Root] had a solid ginger taste, which made it easy on the stomach too. You could absolutely get the citrus in it as well. If you’re looking to sweeten it up a bit, we mixed it with Minute Maid (Zero Sugar) Mango Passion juice. The gamers at the table downed the drink whether it was mixed or not.


The author guzzles down a can of Root.


A couple members of the team brought out clear glasses to get a visual look. “It looks a lot like Orange Crush or Tang”, they agreed and an instant discussion about growing up in the 1980s sprang to the table. I began cranking out cartoon intro songs to Silverhawks, MASK, and (of course) an epic discussion about the 1986 Transformers movie to complete the nostalgic feeling.

All in all, the benefits of the drink are on display for gamers to enjoy and definitely make this standout compared to the competition. Mix it, take it straight, get your game on without wrecking your eyeballs, @[Root] gets the thumbs up from us!

If you want to unlock some discount codes, head over here and play their root game!

You can also get 20% off by using our exclusive promo code! Head over to their shop and drop the code “GNN20”!

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