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Comic Con Tips! What To Know Before Your First Time (Part Four)!

This is it; the last, but not least, of the comic con tips gathered for the benefit of those first-timers thinking of going to their very first con! Whether it’s taking care of yourself (or others), or perhaps making new friends, these tips will help serve to make your comic con all the better an experience.

Even Spider-Man needs to get a full bite to eat while at a comic con! Picture credit to

While the majority of comic con tips come from Jay Cochran — co-owner of the Bangor Comic and Toy Con — and con-goer Samantha White, I’ve stumbled upon a basic tip which everyone attending a con should know: the “3-2-1 rule“! What the “3-2-1 rule” is comes down to self care: three hours of sleep (at least) each night of the con, two decent meals which aren’t just some fast food, and at least one shower a day.

You don’t want to attend a con smelling like a zombie! Bring deodorant! Picture credit to

Jumping from this, I asked White and Cochran if deodorant was an important tool to bring to a con.

WHITE: “For. Sure. They get really hot and sticky!”

COCHRAN: “I mean personal hygiene is always a good thing to practice. It’s nice to think of others in a situation where you are standing in line for a while or gonna be stuck in a cluster of people. You don’t want to meet your favorite guest and be remembered as the smelly person, do you?”

You’ll want to hydrate to keep your con game afoot! Picture credit to

With these events taking place in crowded and often hot places, it seems hydration is another important factor to consider.

WHITE: “It’s always important to stay hydrated! But probably more so at cons/any big events. It can get sooo hot and sticky. I’ve never actually tried to bring water in. I think the bigger cons may allow UNOPENED bottles to start. Or unfilled that you can fill. They don’t want people sneaking booze in. If you’re cosplaying, definitely try to stay hydrated too cause most can be heavy. You don’t want to pass out!”

COCHRAN: “It’s not permissible to bring outside beverage or drink at ours or most conventions; but yes, of course hydration is always important for any kind of big all day event.”

Jay Cochran (right) as Gambit hanging out with fellow X-Men cosplayers! Picture credit to Jay Cochran

Being at this gathering of fellow geeky things enthusiasts, one will likely want to make new friends and enrich the experience for it. White and Cochran offer insight on this very topic.

WHITE: “Make your extroverted friend start talking to someone! But really, I think if you’re able to be a little braver and just talk to someone, it’s a good way to make friends. Or meet up with friends who bring other friends.”

COCHRAN: “Everyone is friendly, from my experience. Everyone is having such a good time letting loose that the spirits are up. So just partake in things and feel free to say hi to one another. You can meet like-minded people at seminars, panels, cosplay contests, after-parties, and much more.”

A sign found at New York Comic Con which spells out to attendees the basic etiquette of approaching fellow attendees in cosplay. Picture credit to

But suppose you see abuse of any kind at a con; be it on others or yourself! One should know how to best handle the situation!

WHITE: “Find a volunteer or staff member; they should have badges that identify them as such. It can be verbal or physical abuse, and most cons take it seriously. If they don’t, I don’t think I’d support them.

COCHRAN: “Thankfully this has barely been an issue. Some people get overwhelmed and can become rude. If this happens to you or to someone you’re with, don’t push back and make it escalate; come find a team member and we will address the situation promptly.”

Phone cameras need you to keep in mind their battery life! Picture credit to

Lastly, there’s the subject we cannot forget: the importance of battery life for your phone or other form of camera!

WHITE: “Battery life is SO important! You’ll want to take photos with cosplayers, costume contests, etc. Some cons have charging stations and I think they’ll become more popular in the coming years. You can also bring an external battery charger. Best way to conserve battery life is not waste time on [Facebook]; load all your photos after.”

Fans smiling as they enjoy their comic con! Picture credit to

Basically, take care of yourself and others when you attend a comic con! Treat yourself right whether it’s hydrating, eating right or sleeping enough, and canceling out body odor. Don’t escalate bad situations; instead, seek out the con’s staff to help out. Don’t forget the battery life of your chosen form of camera. These are last in this four-part series of comic con tips; check out parts one, two, and three for more which will up your con-going game!

Any tips of your own to first-timers? Comment below! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give it a like on its Facebook page!

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