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DC Comics

Batman 89; Tim Burton’s Return

DC Comics revealed this summer that Tim Burton’s The Batman (1989) will return in print format as Batman 89. Batman 89 continues the story of Michael Keaton’s Batman, as he faces the alleged return of The Joker. In addition, released in an article that Robin (Boy Wonder) will also make an appearance alongside the Dark Knight. With so much to cover, let’s go over what we know in preparation to this exciting adaptation.

Press And Release:

Sam Hamm, Co-writer of the screenplay for Tim Burton’s Batman. image provided by

DC Comics announced that Batman 89 will debut this summer, with comic book writer Sam Hamm directing the story. Sam had also co-written the story for Tim Burton’s Batman film, as well as 1992’s Batman Returns. Hamm later went on to perform work for Detective Comics, after working with Burton. This resulted in Hamm writing Batman: Blind Justice, introducing Henri Ducard, Bruce Wayne’s mentor.

Sam had stated he had no creative control during filming, leading to some worrying plot points. However, DC Comics is allowing the co-writer to finally take control and direct the story as needed.

Joe Quinones, artist for Batman 89. Image provided by

Following Sam’s return, comic book artist Joe Quinones will also join in. Quinones had originally pitched the idea for a comic based off the 1989 film, though this was turned down. Joe Quinones had drawn cover art for DC Comics, such as Batman Eternal Issue #41, and Harley Quinn Annual Scratch and Snuff, just to name a few. Joe is also a fan of Tim Burton’s Batman. This helped serve as a both an inspiration and influence toward his work.

Batman 89 Character Resurgence:

Batman 89 also revealed returning characters, and new faces. This had included Two-Face (Harvey Dent), Catwoman (Selina Kyle), and Robin. Harvey Dent had already made an appearance in Tim Burton’s film. However, Dent’s character hadn’t been explored more than an appearance. Selina Kyle had made an appearance in Batman Returns. This goes on to suggest that Batman 89’s timeline travels further past Returns.

To focus more on the characters set to return, here’s a more in-depth approach;


Michael Keaton continues his vigilante career as the caped crusader. Batman now faces new issues within this storyline, mostly centered around Gotham police struggling to control its crime rate. Although Joker is long gone, it seems his influence he left behind managed to fester its way into Gotham.


Selina Kyle makes her appearance in a later issue, begging the question of if she is friend or foe.

Harvey Dent:

The private eye does everything he can to assist Gotham’s police force. However, Dent will most likely have a much tougher role to play when things get a little heated.


It is still unknown which Robin will appear within Batman 89. However, had stated that Robin will fill in plot holes found in the original film. Whether it be Dick Grayson’s Robin, or any other, the boy wonder is set to premiere in an upcoming issue sometime soon.

With so many characters and creators returning to this new style of Tim Burton’s work, many are anticipating what lies ahead for Batman and Gotham.

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