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May The Dark Side Remain Triumphant

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Most people look at Star Wars as the ultimate showing of good versus evil. Have you ever asked yourself why the Sith were always go greatly out numbered in their battles against the Jedi, yet the Jedi feared them in their small numbers? The answer is quite simple, to put it plainly the Sith are stronger.


It goes back to the origin of the Sith and the teachings of Darth Revan. The teachings of Revan almost died out amongst the Sith had it not been for Bane being such a horrible student, these teachings may have died out altogether.

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Revan’s Legacy

Revan understood the true power of the Sith was not in high numbers, it was in the quality of their ranks. The philosophy centered around what was referred to as the rule of two. There was to be just one master and one student. Once the student had learned their lessons it was the duty was to beat their master in a duel to the death.


This philosophy ensured the survival of the fittest, only the strongest and best survive to train the next generation. If the next generation wasn’t strong enough to beat their master then they would find a new apprentice, thus ensuring that only the strongest and best Sith went on to train new apprentices.


Tale As Old As Time

Over time you saw the rule of two used less and less thus leading to the weakening of the Sith as a whole. This did bring about a new era of cunning and ruthlessness as Sith apprentices began to groom their future apprentices and would use them to help them defeat their masters.  This thought-out long-term planning shows an evolution in the inner working of the Sith mind. This shows how the instinct to survive is so strong that they will turn on their own to ensure their own survival.

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Sith are honestly thinking about the greater good and how to ensure a continuation of their line.  This is what make the Sith such formidable opponents. Further proving a point once made by Dark Helmet “Evil will always triumph because good is dumb” – Spaceballs

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