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Star Wars

The Best Star Wars Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is approaching faster than Han Solo coming out of hyperspace, so the team at Geek News Now has done some serious scavenging across the internet to find some of the best gifts for your Star Wars-loving mom. Seriously, the Jawas, both on Tatooine and Arvala-7, would be very proud of us. There are so many great things out there, but we had to narrow it down to the best.

The amount of gift options is a bit is overwhelming, so here is a list of the gifts that we think even mother Talzin would love.

One of the most durable phone case companies in the galaxy, OtterBox, now comes with some great-looking designs inspired by¬†The Mandalorian.¬†Yes, that means that you can get some Baby Yoda-inspired cases with superior quality. For the moms with the younglings who love to play with their phones, you’ll never have to worry again while at the same time showing off your love for Star Wars, Baby Yoda, and¬†The Mandalorian.¬†

Cards are always essential while giving gifts, but also they’re a simple way to express to your mom that you love her. The only problem is that 2D cards are¬†so¬†Imperial era and let’s be honest, we’re past that. We’re in a new era now and Love Pop Cards realizes that. They offer an incredible Star Wars Mother’s Day 3D pop-up card that is out of this world. There is no doubt that the New Republic has these readily available across the newly freed galaxy. The 3D card is a fancy way to switch things up.

While on the topic of switching things up and fancy, instead of going with the usual mug idea, we’ve found some Star Wars-themed wine glasses. These look so nice that the Jedi council probably used these. The best part about them? I mean, just read the cup it doesn’t get much better than that. These wine glasses come in 21 ounces which beats the competition by offering a larger size than the rest.

There are plenty of Star Wars-themed shirts out there. Some definitely better than others, but we feel this is one of the best ones (and most honest). “Moms Rule The Galaxy.” Have you ever heard a more true statement? Moms make the world go round and so this shirt is a fantastic way to showcase that. What makes this shirt even better? The Leia graphic looks great and quite honestly, she is the mother of the galaxy.

Pandora jewelry has collaborated with Star Wars to create some absolutely stunning-looking charms. There are multiple options, from droids to heroes to villains; there are plenty of choices to add to any charm collection. Pandora didn’t hold back with detail on these charms so there is no doubt that mom will absolutely love these. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hondo and his gang have a smuggling operation to get these distributed all over the galaxy.

Another fantastic collaboration is Herschel and Star Wars. Herschel is known for its unmatched quality and impeccable style. Their modern taste has created an incredible-looking mini backpack inspired by the 1980s hit The Empire Strikes Back. They blend the Stormtrooper look with the sleek modern look of their Mini Nova backpack. This would be the perfect backpack to wear as Disneyland opens back up and mom would blind right in with the Stormtroopers stationed on Batuu. What makes these backpacks even better? A new collection for The Mandalorian will drop today, May 4th. 

There are plenty of other gifts out there to get for mom, but these are some of our favorites. At the very least, we hope that this will give you a few ideas and will point you in the right direction. Besides, when you get Star Wars gifts, you really can’t go wrong.

We hope every mom out there has a fantastic mother’s day.

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