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Cyberpunk On It’s Way To A Tabletop Near You

Image from Facebook courtesy of Ontabletop

Cyberpunk 2077 has brought Night City into our lives in ways we would have never expected. We have become V. We fight and struggle with the engram of Johnny Silverhand as our mind is slowly ripped apart.  Through Johnny’s adventures we get to see that there is more to Night City that just the Arasaka Corporation and an exciting night life. Cyberpunk 2077 shows us that the deep geopolitical power struggles between the major factions is what really makes night city and keeps corporate corruption at bay.

Welcome To Life Outside The Wall

I don’t think that I am the only one who would have jumped at the chance to get even deeper into the stories of each of the major street gangs in Night City. I am happy to announce that Monster Fight Club has heard our call and they are currently looking to give us the opportunity that we have been looking for with the tabletop RPG adventure of Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone.  

Image from Kickstarter

You may wonder how they are able to transform the world for an accurate tabletop representation. Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone is a tabletop skirmish where, as the leader of one of the gangs of Night City, you battle it out for superiority in Night City’s lawless Combat Zone. Prepare for battle by getting the best equipment, hiring some loyal merc’s and build your street cred to come out of top of this hellish landscape and claim your title as king or queen of the Combat Zone.

Some of the playable gangs available. Image from

Where Can I Find This?

As much as I would love to be able to tell you that this is currently available at your local game shop, making sure that you have an opportunity to get your copy before it hits store shelves is even better news. Like many tabletop gaming projects Monster Fight Club is crowdfunding this project through Kickstarter. In addition to getting your copy before it may be available in your local game shop, when you order yours through your Kickstarter pledge you also will get access to exclusive items that are only available to the backers.

The project met it’s funding goal within the first 4 hours of the project going live. This game will be going into production once the project end date is met through Kickstarter. You still have nine days to get in on the action and secure your exclusives.


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