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GNN Spotlight! Meet The Writing Staff!

Geeky news brought to you with the loving care and hard work of fellow geeky things enthusiasts; it’s a great premise for a news outlet which covers things Star Wars, Marvel, and more besides! See how a handful of the the Writing Staff of Geek News Now (GNN) endeavor to do so in the following interview!

Members of the Geek News Now writing team chatting together! Joined by GNN leader David Gremillion (second row, left) are writers John Lynch (first row, left), David Furr (center), and Katarina Holler (first row, right)! Picture credit to Facebook

The Writing Staff members are all varied minds which came together under the leadership of GNN founder David Gremillion. Today we meet with writers Devin Stewart, Katarina Holler, David Furr, Chelsea Brooks, and Andrew Orozco.

GNN writer and Writing Staff Supervisor David Furr amidst his Star Wars Lego collection! Picture credit to David Furr

JOHN LYNCH: “What does the GNN mission — bringing geeky news to all readers — mean to you as one of its writers?”

DAVID FURR: “Putting out news in a timely manner and keeping our readers informed.”

KATARINA HOLLER: “The GNN mission to me is a commitment to bring the news to the viewers as we find it. There are too many sites out there who tease the readers with a catchy headline and when you go to the site they either have so many advertisements in the middle of the article that reading the news is a nightmare. The other trap is that you get through the first paragraph suddenly you have to pay for a subscription to read the rest of the article. To me that is a disservice to the readers. If your outlet says they are going to bring the news to the people… ”

Andrew Orozco, GNN writer, prepared to write the next geeky piece of news for the readers! Picture credit to Andrew Orozco

JOHN LYNCH: “What do you enjoy most about writing for GNN?”

ANDREW OROZCO: “The thing I enjoy most about writing for GNN is the community of everyone involved with GNN. It’s cool rolling into the group chat and seeing geeky discussions and opinions flying around.”

DEVIN STEWART: “A freedom to express my own voice, and opinions. Sometimes Geeks have a hard time feeling like anyone is listening to us when we get excited and passionate. I grew up in a generation where being a Geek meant getting bullied and picked on. Feeling like you had to hide your passions for fear of ridicule or teasing. GNN lets everyone, including the fans, have the voice of their passions without judgment. It’s a place to let our Geek flags fly.”

KATARINA HOLLER: “I enjoy being able to explore all of my diverse geekiness. I’m not told that I can only write about comics or I can only write about video games. I can write about a great new TV series one week, review a recipe from a geeky cookbook the next and the week after that talk about how a game development company is turning a profit even though their big launch had all kinds of issues. I’m not forced to write about topics I’m not passionate about.”

GNN writer Chelsea Brooks stands ready to take on various geeky news topics! Picture credit to Chelsea Brooks

JOHN LYNCH: “Is it easy or difficult finding geeky news topics every week?”

CHELSEA BROOKS: “It is sometimes difficult especially with many things still being closed due to COVID-19 but becoming easier as things open back up.”

Geek News Now writer and gamer Devin Stewart informing people to check his show “Retropiece Theatre” at the gnn_gaming channel on Twitch! Picture credit to

JOHN LYNCH: “What does it mean to you to include the voices of the GNN fans when you seek out and write your news?”

DEVIN STEWART: Being able to include the voices of the fans is the same to me as sharing a movie with them. Or going to a convention. Being able to talk to them about what they love, like, or dislike, about a particular franchise is important. Nothing exists without the fans to keep it going. I have found it fairly easy to get the opinions, or feedback, from the fans. People love talking about what they are passionate about.”

Fellow GNN writer Katarina Holler before a Martian! “ACK-ACK!!” Picture credit to Katarina Holler

JOHN LYNCH: “Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to anyone who considers writing for GNN? What should they aim for and bring to the table?”

KATARINA HOLLER: “For anybody considering being a writer for GNN bring your passion. Whatever fandom it is that you will drop everything for bring that and be willing to celebrate that with the world.”

CHELSEA BROOKS: “Write about what you’re passionate about. If you’re interested deeply in a topic then you’ll be able to argue your POV easier.”

The Writing Staff at GNN love what they do, and strive to give their best in providing not only the geeky news but also to give a voice to the GNN fans and what they want to see! It’s both difficult and easy for the team; difficult work, but easier when the passion is there. Tell the writers what you, the fan and reader, want to see GNN write about!

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