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Star Wars

Star Wars KOTOR Remake In The Works?!

Are we getting a remake of, arguably, the best Star Wars game of all time? Or is this a case of a “prophecy misread, could have been”?

According to an interview between MinnMax’s Ben Hanson and notable Bloomberg reporter, Jason Schreier, there is a very high chance that a remake of the 2002 beloved game Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is in the works. Ben asked for clarification from Jason on his old post on ResetEra where Jason hinted at a possible remake in the works. Jason laughs briefly before confirming, allegedly, that there is a remake in development. The interview is linked below and the talk about the remake starts at 2:31

The MinnMax Interview

Schreier is well known in the video games media industry as someone who has a history of breaking stories, leaking information, and writing deep-dives into the inner workings of game studios. He is a very well known and reliable source in this area.  If he says that there is a KOTOR remake on the way, then there is a high probability of it existing, just short of conformation. That said, there is always the chance of delays or cancelations at some point. If it never comes out it doesn’t mean he was necessarily wrong at the time he mentioned it.

What is interesting though is that he said Bioware is not working on it. Bioware of course is busy working on Dragon Age 4 and the sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy, so it would make sense for them to outsource the remake project to another studio. Jason confirmed that the remake is being worked on by Aspyr . In the same interview (linked above) at around the 58:30 mark, Jason confirms that it is not Bioware working on the game.

“Aspyr, which is the company that has ported a bunch of KOTOR games, is working on it”

– Jason Schreier

Do We Need A Remake Of KOTOR?

The original Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic holds a Metacritic score of 93. Which is an extremely high, but fair, score! It won the Game Developer Choice Awards “2004 Game of the Year” and 40 other “Game of the Year” awards! That said, it has been 18 years since the game came out. The game could benefit greatly from a face lift three generations later! This would also be the perfect time to tweak a few things in terms of gameplay.

With some quality of life changes and even make it canon, remaking it would be awesome! Granted, many fans would prefer a full blown sequel in the form of KOTOR 3 (The Old Republic MMO doesn’t count), nobody would be overly upset about more KOTOR. That said, going back and restoring a masterpiece, without doing a massive overhaul of the story, could be a treat for veterans of the original and new fans!


I personally cannot wait for this remake, if and when it happens. In the mean time, if you haven’t played the original KOTOR, or if you are hungry for experiencing it once more, we got a solution. Our boy (and fellow GNN writer/streamer) Devin Stewart is currently replaying the game on the GNN Twitch channel every week (until he finishes it). Go ahead and follow the channel so you can check out our awesome game streams and clips!

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