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Amazon Spends Big To Bring Lord Of The Rings To The Small Screen

It has been seven years since we last ventured into the world of J.R.R Tolkien, and it appears that Amazon is sparing no expense to bring Lord of The Rings to the small screen. Reports from say that Amazon has committed to five seasons of the series that will be filmed in the familiar setting in New Zealand. The budget of the first season alone if proof that Amazon is committed to bringing us the fantasy realm that we all deserve. They have reportedly spent $465 million on the first season alone.

Gandalf is ready to see the new show just like the rest of us.

Back To The Beginning

Fans were impressed with how much of the story was able to be told across the films. Bringing it to the small screen gives the opportunity to tell even more of that story. The series is set to tell the heroic tales of the Second Age of Middle Earth’s history. The series will be set roughly a thousand years before the films and will give a deeper look into the rise and falls of the kingdoms of the era and give a deeper look at the alliances that formed and the heroes that came out of necessity to fight a great evil.


This is the fantasy series that people are longing for and Amazon is showing, with their budget, that they understand what is expected from the fans in order to make this series successful. The films were well received, even though they were compressed from the books, because kit allowed fans to be immersed into the world of Tolkien. Amazon understands the importance of this which is why they are filming in the same region that the films were filmed in.

Concept art for Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Series Image from

World of Possibility

Amazon will provide a new medium for the fanbase as well. Fans of the books were ecstatic about the films and this series has endless possibilities for spinoffs. This could even lead to spinoffs into The Hobbit or a deeper look into each of the realms. With five seasons scheduled to start airing in 2021 there are limitless possibilities.


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