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“Retropiece Theatre”! A Word With GNN Gaming Host Devin Stewart!

Retro video gaming is something which anyone in the nostalgia culture, the thirty-something-plus in age, can get behind. It’s fun to watch playthroughs of classic video games we grew up with and remember their dazzling wonders which grabbed us at younger ages. This is where gamer Devin Stewart comes in as he joins other gamers playing such awesome video games for the Geek News Now (GNN) publication’s own Twitch channel; his show… “Retropiece Theatre”!

Geek News Now gamer Devin Stewart informing people to check his show “Retropiece Theatre” at the gnn_gaming channel on Twitch! Picture credit to

Beginning in 2017, “Retropiece Theatre” was a passion project for Stewart which he uploaded to YouTube. The show merged with Geek News Now and its Twitch channel in early 2021.

“I have always been a performer, and extroverted person.” said Stewart. “I thought it would be a good time to play my favorite games and give ridiculous commentary, and I was right.”

Gaming, specifically video gaming, is something which for Stewart comes as an escape that allows him the opportunity to “live fascinating adventures, and roleplay in amazing worlds.”

Devin Stewart peruses classic games and chooses “StarTropics”! Picture credit to (via “Retropiece Theatre” channel)

The gamer makes an excellent host as people watch him take each lead character through dangerous challenges. Watching Stewart do his thing, he looks very natural at both gaming and talking to his audience.

“The hardest part is that you never know who will be watching or when.” he said. “Just because you don’t have a lot of people watching at the moment you are live, doesn’t mean people won’t watch it later. For me it is high energy, but also being myself. If you aren’t able to be your own personality, you cannot sustain it over the length of a long stream.”

Through his show, I think Stewart’s sharing his love of retro games fits in perfectly in this era of nostalgia culture.

“There will always be people who want to relive aspects of their childhood.” he said. “A time when we had less responsibilities and played more games. Because of that a part of all of us will long for those ‘simpler’ times. What I enjoy and look forward to now, as a father, is sharing these things with my children.”

“Retropiece Theatre” began for Stewart not because of interest in an audience, but understandably his own interest in retro gaming. “The nostalgia of the old 8-bit graphics, and the midi music. Having to use the imagination to see the world because the graphics were crude by today’s standards. Turns out there is an audience of people just like me who feel the same.”

Devin Stewart playing “Xenogears” and entering his lead character “Fei” into a tournament! Picture credit to (via gnn_gaming channel)

Since the beginning, Stewart played many games from classic systems such as beloved fan favorites the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo (SNES). He recently finished a run of “Pok√©mon Blue” and is starting on “Pok√©mon Gold“. Lately, he’s been playing “Xenogears” on Tuesday nights since it was a suggested by the fans.

As for what games will next be seen on the show, Stewart says the future remains open to possibilities and suggestions.

“I set the rule that the games would be 20 years or older.” he said. “Occasionally I have broken that rule, particularly in running newer [Pok√©mon] games, but the core is about reliving the nostalgia of retro games.”

I asked Stewart for fun which retro gaming world he would live in if he could choose: “I think to casually live and enjoy would be the [Pok√©mon] world. The concept I think sounds like a lot of fun without being inherently dangerous to live. I would be an Eevee trainer, or a Fire-Type [Pok√©mon] trainer.”

Devin Stewart addresses his audience in a brief show break! Picture credit to (via gnn_gaming channel)

Pok√©mon aside, while he really enjoys the older “Final Fantasy” games, and “several odd-balls most people aren’t familiar with”, the “Retropiece Theatre” host is very fond of game franchise “The Legend of Zelda”! His favorite of that particular franchise — “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” — tops his list. Personally, my heart has always gone to the very first of the Zelda games on NES and I’d love to see him play it through on his show!

“Retropiece Theatre” is a fun show which entertains, takes you back, and keeps you engaged whether host Devin Stewart talks about the games’ histories and facts or talks about life in general! Keep up with it easily by heading to the Geek News Now Twitch channel and subscribe or follow to receive notifications when this, or any other gaming show under the GNN banner, goes live! Stewart also multi-streams the show to YouTube and Facebook.

Do you dig retro video games and playthroughs for an audience? Comment below! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give it a like on its Facebook page!

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