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April Fools! “Anime Abandon” Host/Creator Talks About Pranks!

It’s April 1st, and you know what that means… Time for pranks galore! Regarding what makes for good pranks, and knowing what’s funny, we turn to Bennett White — aka Bennett The Sage of the online show Anime Abandon (2011-present) — for some insight. Anime Abandon is known for insightful and comedic reviews; and White has plenty to say on pranks and comedy!

To start off on the subject of what makes something funny, White shared that for him it’s when he is genuinely surprised. I know when I see something wholly unexpected or awkward (or both) it makes me laugh!

“I believe that people laugh as a means to express a sudden rush of unexpected emotion,” said White. “which is why people often laugh at inappropriate times, and it’s also why a lot of comedy is playing with people’s expectations.”

Comedian Patton Oswalt doing stand up for an audience! Picture credit to

One source of comedy White enjoys is comedian Patton Oswalt. White loves Oswalt’s ability to paint a picture with his words and also to turn a phrase both in his spoken and written work. Oswalt is pretty funny, I will say that; his take on scaring people when you don’t look threatening, or “the magic of the circus” is great!

On the subject of pranks, White only pranks friends: “because those are the only kinds of people I can trust to know that there’s no malice behind my actions.”

Bennett White surrounded by his Anime collection! Picture credit to YouTube (via BennettTheSage channel)

While there were never any pranks (April Fools-related or otherwise) on the set of Anime Abandon, White shared one story about a prank he played on a friend; and it’s a funny story.

On the day of his friend’s wedding, White found in the hotel business office a computer was on and had a document open which, as it turned out, was his friend’s wedding vows. Seeing an opportunity to fool with his friend, White copied the document and sent it to himself over email and some time after the wedding occurred he began to drop sections of the friend’s vows to him word for word. When the friend began to freak out wondering how White recalled it all, White told him how he’d got the vows and his friend “nearly died of [embarrassment]. It was a good night.”

Bennett The Sage shares his take on Anime! Picture credit to YouTube (via BennettTheSage channel)

Pranks can be fun; but a fine line separates good pranks with bad ones which just annoy or cause trouble.

“I never liked the dorm room pranks, the plastic over the toilet kind of pranks as it were.” said White. “Though, I do have a soft spot for the kinds of pranks that are either elaborate in terms of execution or props, like the kinds of pranks that the Jackass crew would pull on each other.”

I have to agree with him there. I myself feel the dorm room style pranks are the worst; uninspired, lazy, and rather mean-spirited.

Explaining on elaborate pranks, whether they are worth the effort, White had this to say: “Depends on the situation. Sometimes, the opportunity to prank someone has to occur organically and of the moment, and those can be pretty satisfying.”

Bennett White as character “Suave”! Picture credit to YouTube (via BennettTheSage channel)

White offered a solid take on what makes for a good funny; be it the prank or the intent of comedy. I know I’ve enjoyed the comedy behind not only White’s reviews but also, specifically, when former underling “Gabe” gets free reign at White’s place during the Speed Racer (2008) review episode of Anime Abandon and “Gabe” goes utterly Home Alone (1990) while enjoying freedom and a mountain of ice cream!

Keep making us laugh, Anime Abandon! And Happy April Fools Day from Geek News Now!

Have any funny pranks stories? Comment below! Check out Bennett The Sage on YouTube and his website for funny reviews on various Anime! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give it a like on its Facebook page!

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