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Dead By Daylight: A New Killer Has Entered the Nightmare

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Coming March 30th, 2021 is the latest addition to the game “Dead by Daylight”. If you aren’t familiar with this 2017 game allow me to give you a brief rundown. In short, this is a game where four players play survivors, and one plays a killer. The four survivors have to run around darkened arenas trying to help each other to power up generators. Once all five generators are powered up the exits to the arena open and you can escape. It isn’t that easy though because all the while another player is running around as the killer.

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The killer, with their own set of supernatural abilities, will track you down, destroy the generators, and attempt to end your life. The killer can hit, hack, assault, and brutally maim your character. Then your wounded, broken, injured body will be dragged or carried to a meat hook, and they will hang you up to dry. If you fail to free yourself, or another player does not free you, you become sacrificed. The round is over when either all living players have escaped, or all players are killed.

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Similar to how “Super Smash Bros.” introduces a fun, beloved character into their games from time to time, this nightmarish hellscape of a game introduces new killers and new players too. Arriving on March 30, 2021, we welcome two new characters, one killer, and one survivor.

The killer’s real name is Ji-Woon Hak, but his codename will be that of “The Trickster”. A former K-POP music star turned killer. Where most of the killers resemble older style monsters from the mid-20th century European culture, “The Trickster” is one of the most modern killers in the game.

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The survivor is Yun-Jin Lee, and according to the game’s lore, she was a music producer who signed Ji-Woon Hak as a performer. Thanks to the talent of Ji-Woon, her production company took off. Rarely in this game, when a killer and a performer are introduced at the same time, are they connected so tightly. However to see the extent of their story, you’ll have to play the game and find that out for yourself.

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I reached out to one of our own Twitch streamers over on GNN_Gaming, “WolfAngel”, who regularly plays “Dead By Daylight” on her stream. I wanted her input on her preferences, and her thoughts on the new killer. Below is her response.

“I have been playing Dead by Daylight for almost two years now. However, I have seen it played by other people almost since it’s release date. I prefer playing as the survivor but recently I have started to play as the killer a bit more.

The Trickster looks like he would be a lot of fun to play and possibly more of a challenge to play against with his special perks. It looks like he will be a melee and ranged killer as well which only makes me want to play Dead By Daylight more.

Yun-Jin Lee looks like a no-nonsense survivor that gladly accepts the benefits from someone else’s mistakes or downfalls, and her personal perks only add to that view/assumption. She might be a fun survivor to play when I’m not playing with any of my friends.”

GNN_Gaming’s own “WolfAngel”

I also reached out to another Twitch player who runs “Dead By Daylight” who goes by “Harry_Tha_Sloth”, a gamer from Ohio. You can find his Twitch stream HERE.

When asked the same questions he said:

“I first started playing back in 2017, I’ve been playing it off and on since. I mostly play when I have someone else to play with though. I prefer to play as a survivor because it is more of a challenge, and you have to work as a team to be able to escape.

My favorite killer is The Huntress. She has the axes that she can throw, and personally I like to see how far I can throw one and hit someone. She also has the lullaby that is just soothing to hear while you are on the hunt.

I think the new killer looks pretty dope. I like how they added in where he can throw daggers. I may play as him more than I will The Huntress. As for the survivor, she looks like has some good perks that will help herself out when the other survivors are getting injured or hooked. I look forward to trying them both out.”

Twitch = Harry_Tha_Sloth

It goes without saying that this is definitely a game for mature audiences, and caters to the lovers of horror and psychological terror. Having watched this game streamed many times, it is something I both enjoy, and hope to get around to playing myself, but also something that could keep you up at night afraid of the bumps in the dark.

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