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Star Wars

Kennedy Confirmed to Stay With Lucasfilm.

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Since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney the rumor mill has been flying and the YouTubers and fan theorists have been eating it up. Everything from future projects to cameos and even behind the scenes. One of the biggest has been if Kathleen Kennedy would be let go from the running of Lucasfilm. Kennedy is a film producer and the current president of Lucasfilm. Her credits include such classics asĀ E.T., and theĀ Jurassic ParkĀ franchise. Kennedy has participated in the making of over 60 films that earned 8 Academy Award nominations and earned over $11 billion worldwide, including three of the highest-grossing films in motion picture history. As a producer, she is third behind Kevin Feige and Steven Spielberg in domestic box office receipts, with over $7.5 billion as of 2020.

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However since the sequel trilogy of the Star Wars movies people have been have been calling for her resignation. Some YouTubers such as Mike Zeroh have even released LENGTHY videos about how she is either stepping down or having issues with Lucasfilm and is on the verge of being fired. Why is there such angst against her? Well that is an entirely different article. It basically boils down to the fact that some of the Star Wars franchise has been mismanaged. The fan response to the sequel trilogy has been split and the faction that did not like it has been toxic toward her thus causing a slew of theories that she may be getting fired.

All of those theories and rumors were put to rest at the beginning of this month. On March 9th Disney had an annual shareholders meeting and the CEO Bob Chapek fielded some questions. At around the 48 mark of the meeting the question was posed from George Gazelle. “George – in San Antonio.. Greetings and salutations.. Are you guys looking at firing or cancelling Kathleen Kennedy.” Chapek answered back “We’ve been absolutely thrilled that we can have the kind of creative talent in our company the likes of Kathy Kennedy to run Lucas. We look forward to having Kathy directing the activities of the entire Lucasfilm organization for many years to come.”

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With one simple interaction all the rumors had been put to rest. Kathleen Kennedy is not going anywhere, and why should she. I am a fan of all Star Wars movies and shows fromĀ Empire Strikes BackĀ  all the way to the Ewok movies and Holiday Special. Everything there holds a special place in my heart. In my opinion she has done an amazing job with the franchise. Not everything is prefect and I could arm-chair quarterback all the movies but as far as content goes, well at least we are getting content as opposed to just 2 trilogies. The naysayers will be quick to point Favreau and Filoni as the saviors of Star Wars and there is some truth to that, but they are directors and make the magic happen. Kennedy runs the show which means she put them in the position that they are in. Seems like that was the smart thing to do. Kennedy is doing an amazing job and based on her past track record it can only get better.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Matt Os

    April 16, 2021 at 6:44 pm

    She is running SW to the ground. Gina’s fireing was bigger then one tweet and her mismanagment will cost Disney more then 4B$ #fireKathleenKennedy #StandwithGinaCarano #WeLooveCaraDune

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