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Epic Armoury: Solving Problems For Modern Day Champions

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The cosplay and live action role play (LARP) communities have struggled with finding ways to safely incorporate and use weaponry that is representative of their genre. Live steel runs a high probability of serious injury, but it keeps the authenticity of the costume. Foam or mock weapons may lack the durability, but they can minimize the risk of injury.  Fortunately, along came Epic Armoury and they have provided a provided a reasonable solution to both of these common issues.

Epic Armoury is one of the largest suppliers of foam weapons designed specifically for the LARP community. Their products are made from both foam and latex to provide both durability and a realistic look. The question is being foam how well do they really hold up in both choreographed and non-choreographed combat scenarios?


For those looking for a safer alternative to live steel could not ask for an option that performs better and still maintains the integrity of your cosplay. These weapons are designed to perform well even with daily use against weapons of similar materials and construction. Similar to live steel, these weapons do require regular cleaning to help maintain the finish and keep dirt and debris from setting into the latex. Using a silicone cleaning spray that will penetrate the latex to help prevent the latex and foam from drying out.

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Why Choose Foam?

For those accustomed to doing battle in full plate armor, switching to a LARP weapon from live steel will be a bit of an adjustment. While these amazing pieces are durable, they are not indestructible. They will take damage from chainmail, plate armor, wooden weapons, wooden shields and striking objects with too much pressure.  Additionally, you want to consider storing them someplace with temperature control since excessive heat and cold can cause the latex and foam to degrade naturally.


I have personally used their products in both LARP and cosplay situations and overall, these pieces are very well made and are a great addition to any cosplayer’s arsenal. They will maintain the look and authenticity of your cosplay while being a piece that, with proper care, will stand the test of time even. It holds up well in combat where reasonable force is applied. Because they are designed to be able to be used in a combat environment.

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While they are designed to be a less dangerous alternative to live steel, they are very well balanced and can still pack a punch. You can feel the impact of these weapons through most types of armor except for plate mail and some heavy leathers. From a cosplay perspective one of the best parts is that you don’t have to sacrifice authenticity for safety. They have varying price points for every budget. Overall Epic Armoury has high quality products and provide a solution to many of the problems that the LARP and cosplay community struggled with.

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