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20 Years on the Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts. From

How many of you sat in front of the door when you turned 11 awaiting a Hogwarts letter? I know I did, I like to believe somewhere is a dumpster filled with our Hogwarts letters that were not delivered. On this anniversary, It’s time to take a look back at the movie that spawned an entire movie franchise, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Let’s flip the time turner and go back 20 years to look at the beginning.

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Harry Potter

Let’s begin with the story of the boy who lived. Imagine being one year old and becoming one of the most famous people in the wizarding world. In this moment, Harry Potter is put on a path filled with danger and a lot of run-ins with He Who Must Not Be Named. This encounter isn’t what makes Harry so endearing to audiences. It is that he is the best person to be our guide as we encounter the magic of the wizarding world for the first time. As someone who knows nothing about magic he goes through the same emotions as us. We get to see him begin to understand a world he never knew existed and how he belongs in this new world. As we embark on this journey, his motivations, struggles, and triumphs become our own and we begin to root for this boy who has the hopes of the wizarding world on his shoulders.

Harry, Ron & Hermione. From

The Trio

No man is an island and Harry is no exception as he enters Hogwarts. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are two of the best friends, and family, Harry has throughout the series. Sorcerer’s Stone is special because we get to see Hermione’s knowledge and Ron’s bravery help Harry through the trials of the Sorcerer’s Stone. The wizard chess scene is still one of the best scenes of the series and it showed how this magical world can still be dangerous. These friendships would become one of Harry’s greatest strengths as they guide him and push him through danger after danger.

Diagon Alley. From

The World

Sorcerer’s Stone introduces us to the vibrant wizarding world and we meet more characters and locations. I remember the first time Harry walked into Diagon Alley (Diagonally if you know, you know) and the sense of amazement at the hustle and bustle of the wizarding world. Hogwarts itself goes beyond just being a backdrop for the trio’s adventures and becomes its own character. Without the Dark Forest, Quidditch field, rotating staircases, and Great Hall there would not be a movie. We are captivated by the magic of this school in a way you rarely see in movies.

Hermione levitating a feather. From

The Magic

Finally, we have to talk about how magical the magic is in Harry Potter. The Wingardium LeviOsa scene is where we started to really understand Hermione as a character. I remember the feeling of seeing Professor McGonagall turn into a cat and wishing I was an animagus. The random moments in the background of magic and the ghosts who wandered the halls of Hogwarts enrich the environment.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was filled with captivating moments and magic that immediately hook the audience into this world. The characters would go on beyond this movie to amazing feats and lead us on a journey for the ages in the fight against Lord Voldemort. I remember watching this movie 20 years ago and how in awe I was by it. If you ever wonder about the cultural impact, ask one of your dates which house they are in and you’ll get an immediate answer.


What is your favorite part of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? Let us know in the comments!

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