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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Lego Style

The day of love is fast approaching. That’s right Valentines day is right around the corner, but aren’t you tired of buying the same old box of chocolates and dozen roses? Do you need some thing different to buy for your loved one for this Valentines day? If your significant other a fan of Lego? Then fear not here are a few things that you may add to your list.


Heading over to you can find a wide array of Valentine’s merchandise. There is everything from brick heads to bears and even a love birds bracelet if you so desire. Not everthing here is a buildable set but there are sets here and as of the writing of this article you get a free set with a $40 USD purchase.

Photo courtesy Lego group

2. Books

There is a plethora of Lego themed books for the younger reader. If you’re looking for something different for your kiddos for the big day then these are for you. What about the older fans of the brick? Well not to worry. There is a line of “Build Your Own Adventure” books that come with a minifig as well small build that can disassembled and built into other models. This will appeal to old and young builders alike and come in a variety of themes from Castle to “Star Wars”.

Photo courtesy DK publishing

3. Make It Personal

Unfortunately there are not a whole lot sets or items that just scream love or Valentine’s Day for that matter. Not to worry there is a cure for that. Sometime a personized Valentine that you have spent time on really shows your significant other how much you care. Therefore buy a Creative Brick Box and build them a lovely show of affection. You can then give them the rest of the Lego that you don’t use and they will love you all the more. If you need help with this has some wonderful instructional videos.

There are a few ideas for the love of your life this Valentine’s Day. Do you have any other ideas for that I didn’t mention? Drop a line in comments and let me know. For more geeky news check out our newly redesigned website check us out on Facebook and check out our gamers over on Twitch.


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