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GNN YouTuber: Cameron Fischer

Cameron Fischer joined “Geek News Now” in 2020 with a singular vision in mind. He wanted to create a YouTube series that broke down popular movies and displayed key points that few had considered before. Some of his “Cam In Focus” videos include talking about the alternate ending to “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”, The Best of Kylo Ren, and asking why Frodo left Middle Earth.


GNN: What is “Cam in Focus”? Where did your inspiration come from to make the videos?

Cam: Cam in Focus is a little show in which I bring to attention certain aspects of a film that might be often overlooked in order to help enhance the viewing experience. Whether it’s through discussing the filmmaking process itself, or in-universe thoughts or ideas that give greater context to the narrative, all movies have certain qualities that I love to expand on to bring better FOCUS to the beauty of film.



GNN: What’s the best and worst part about making them?

Cam: The best part about making my videos is simply the exploration of the films I’m discussing. I love looking at movies beyond just the superficial. Some may think I read too deep into it, but all films try to tell a story, and a story is so much more than just what’s blatantly seen. The worst part? The editing, simply because I do it all myself! Regardless, it doesn’t detract from the joy I get in putting out content for all of you.


GNN: If you could sit down and discuss ONE film with the director (living or dead), really break it down, which film and which director?

Cam: I would absolute love to sit down and pick Denis Villeneuve’s brain over Blade Runner 2049. It’s my all time favorite film from my all time favorite director! That films is filled with so much nuance and thought provoking themes that really get my creative juices flowing, and to have the opportunity to talk to the mastermind behind it would be a life changing experience!



GNN: What do you enjoy most about working with Geek News Now?

Cam: Working with Geek News Now has taught me how much truly goes in to making a solid platform for fellow geeks to indulge in their fandoms. It’s honestly been a very humbling experience to see how hard everyone works and what they bring to the table, and it inspires me every day to do my best as well.


GNN: Who do you think you are?


I think I’m just a guy with a love for film and a love for geekiness! To share in my adoration for the art of filmmaking and to dissect the themes of all these long-running stories we’ve been given is so incredibly rewarding, and I’m so excited for what the future will bring.
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