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Jimmie’s 2021 top 5 list of geeky demands



Ahoy geeks, Jimmie here! Hope everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve, and truly hope each of you has a prosperous 2021!

In looking back at this past year we have had an interesting time with the covid shenanigans, but this did not stop the geek world from moving forward. Gamers, like myself, had no issues staying home as we got to catch up with some questing as well as trying new games on various platforms. Although I did jump back into an older game that is so much fun and just playing it for hours with my kiddo (gotta love some Katamari Damacy!).

Looking into my magic 8 ball I have come up with a few things that need to happen in our geekdom this year. Normally one would put this out as a wish list, but not this year….oh no. After the dumpster fire of a year 2020 was this is a list of demands. Straight up telling 2021 this will happen OR ELSE!

On that note let’s jump on in to the list of stuff I am requiring occur in the next 12 months:

  1. More Star Wars on Disney+ or in theaters: The Mandalorian really set the bar high for Lucasfilm with Season 2 of this amazing show. The most recent season broke the Nielsen’s top 10 streaming shows which is a testament to the fan base, as well as the quality, of the show. What can Disney do to placate the masses till season 3? Short films would be fun, or maybe even a new show popping up. Live action or animated I am fine either way.

    My thoughts on how DIsney has been handling their live action series summed up in one image.


  2. In person cons need to return: 2020 saw all in person cons disappear, and it is understandable considering the unknowns we were facing. Now that we are approaching the next years con season we really need to return to in person cons. I know what some folks are saying “But there’s a pandemic! What about staying safe!?”. Disneyworld is a prime example of taking proper precautions to keep people safe. Follow their lead, and we will be fine. If I have to deal with another con season turned into glorified Zoom meetings I will pull out what little hair I have left on my head.
  3. Lego needs to jump on new Lego Ideas: Lego, as awesome as they are, really need to utilize their ideas page a bit more. They do use some of the higher voted ideas for sure, but there are a few that they really need to utilize. One big example is the Bag End set that someone created. This is HUGE (weird to say for a hobbit hole), and they need to get this brick set out asap.

    Lego really needs to put this set into production.


  4. Toxic fandom needs to be flushed down the toilet: We get it, you didn’t like the Last Jedi (it had moments, but for the most part it was not a good movie), but enough with the personal attacks on people that disagree with you. You (yes, you) are being part of a larger problem. Step back, think of a constructive way to express your opinion, and have some civil discourse. Don’t say crappy things just to be a jack-ass.
  5. Follow your geeky passion: 2020 saw alot of tragic things occur, but one positive thing I saw is that more and more people were creating content. Be it podcasts, writing articles or blogs, streaming it was all out there. We need more of that this year whether you do it on your own, or link up with folks like us at Geek News Now. Following your passion, expressing it in a medium, and putting it out here has a huge impact and provides some positivity in the world. Please, for the love of all that is sacred, DO THAT! When at all possible.

That wraps up my list of geeky demands for the coming year. What would you add to the list? Anything on here that you agree with? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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