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2021? Two Reasons To Coast Forward!

There *is* light ahead in 2021! If things work out with a COVID-19 vaccine and people have one less thing to worry about, we’ll be able to gather in crowds again just in time for two big events: the opening of “Jurassic World’s VelociCoaster” and the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World!

While vaccinations against COVID-19 are in early days in the USA for health-workers, it’s said by Dr. Anthony Fauci (head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease) that Americans who are under 65 and healthy may be able to get their shots in April of 2021. Then, who knows what possibilities may come next? But it does allow for a time-frame for things to possibly improve.

Jurassic World’s VelociCoaster concept! Picture credit to

This could help get a crowd for the summer-time opening of “Jurassic World’s VelociCoaster” located at Universal’s Island’s of Adventure Orlando! This “new species of roller coaster” is a fast ride full of twists and turns throughout a jungle full of vicious dinosaurs! You dash through the park’s raptor holding pen and ride alongside these nimble creatures as they hunt above the land and water. The VelociCoaster is said to “catapult guests up to 70 miles per hour and more than 150 feet in the air”.

If I had the means, I’d definitely check this ride out; it sounds like a lot of fun! I’d like to take a spin on this new roller coaster and see the dangers of Jurassic World come alive. After all of us trying to survive the year 2020 and this pandemic, I think we could use a cheap thrill to take the edge off and bring a smile or two back into our lives! And what better way than a thrill ride?

And who knows how we’ll be doing by October 1st; which is, as it so happens, the start of the 50th Anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World! Yes, this will be a celebration to beat, lasting from October 1st into 2022! Not much is known about the plans for this expectedly huge event; but Josh D’Amaro — Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products — has shared that “it’s going to be very remarkable, and we intend to celebrate the stories and experiences our guests love.”

A room at the “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” hotel in Walt Disney World! Picture credit to

What is known about the celebration so far: there will be a new ride, “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure” located in Epcot, and a Star Wars hotel named “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” which is expected to be ready and open in time for the park’s 50th Anniversary.

Oh yeah… I wanna *go*!! I like the look of the Star Wars hotel, and Disney always knows how to throw a party, from what all my friends and family who’ve gone tell me; yes, I gotta *go* partake in this party!

The kind of large gatherings we hope to return to when things return to normal! Picture credit to

Let’s see… after months and months of being shut indoors (granted for general safety/precaution) while wanting to simply *get out* and simply have some fun, I welcome 2021’s road of hopeful optimism if it means we can eventually return to normal! This, of course, is all dependent on if the COVID-19 vaccine works out for the best and allows for us to gather in large groups again in the near future. Who knows what we may have to do in-between to keep safe just to be sure; pandemics are tricky business and 2020 was rough on us. But 2021 will be better to us; and these two events are definitely worth hitting if one has the means!

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