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A Gift for That Special Lego Maniac This Holiday

The holidays are fast approaching and shopping season is already here. You may have a Lego lover in your life and sometime that makes it easy to shop for. Just a quick trip to the toy section and you should be able to fill your cart with enough to bring delight to their eyes on that magical morning.  However if your Lego Maniac is Adult Fan of Lego (AWFOL) and you would like to surprise them with something that may be a little different here are some ideas.

Lego Minifig Display Stand

Here we have a lovely stand made for your minfigs or any other special pieces that collectors want to keep the dust off of or maybe just want to display with a little more security so they will avoid the vacuum cleaner.

Toy Block Tape

There are many varieties of  this product and none from Lego but they are all compatible with Lego and they allow the builder to build anywhere. there is a sticky tape on the opposite side which allows you to attach the tape to almost any surface. You can build upside down if you want to.

Make Your Own Lego Movie

The Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit is the perfect way to make your own Lego movie. Bring your LEGO minifigures to life with this beginner-friendly guide to stop-motion animation. Ten ‘Mini Movies’ walk you through using your phone, tablet, or computer to make short, funny clips with step-by-step instructions.

Lego Storage Bricks

Tired of the Lego bricks cluttering the floor and making trap that will destroy your feet and shout some less than pleasant words? Then these storage bricks may be the the thing for you. These bricks give your builders a place to keep their spare bricks and keeps them off your floor. They are stackable as well and can be neatly put in the corner of the room.

Something for the Game Player

Lego has its Iconic Chess for sale on its site and now your special person can not only build but play a game with it as well. This LEGO chess set also has storage available to keep the built board as a functional chess board and game. You can play checkers, too.

Courtesy Lego

Smaller Lego Sets Perfect for Stocking Stuffers

Lets not forget about stuffing those stocking that are hung by the fireplace with. There are several smaller sets on Lego’s web site that come in under $25 that are perfect for stocking stuffers. They range from Ninjago to Friends so there is most likely one for every Lego fan in your life.

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