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Ahsoka Getting the Series We All Saw Coming

Disney showcased tons of new content at its latest investor day stream. Everything from FX to Hulu and Marvel to Pixar was covered. In the Star Wars part of the showcase, an announcement was made that you did not need to be a Jedi to see coming. That of course was the revelation of the new Ahsoka series coming to Disney plus. Kathleen Kennedy was on hand to make the announcement and of course Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni will spearhead the effort.

Ahsoka made her live action debut on the episode ofĀ The Mandalorian titledĀ The Jedi. Rosario Dawson portrayed her on the episode and according to IMDB she will be reprising her role. Ahsoka has become a fan favorite since her appearance inĀ The Clone Wars (TCW) and her popularity only grew with RebelsĀ  and the final season of TCW. If you were to take a poll right now of the most popular Star Wars characters it would most likely be a three way tie between her, the Mandalorian, and the Child.

courtesy Lucasfilm

Dawson was the first person to portray her in a live action role and she did a phenomenal job. The traits and mannerisms were spot on. Ahsoka was introduced in TCW which came from the mind of Filoni so it stands to reason that he would want to continue using the character beyond that. The rumors abounded prior to her debut in season 2 ofĀ The MandalorianĀ that she would make an appearance in the show and when she finally did we all sat with gaping mouths and were hungry for more. She was used just enough and so far has had no further involvement with the Mando but the season isn’t over yet. However her appearance did make enough of a spring board to launch her own series and now it looks as though that has come to fruition.

The project has just been announced so there is no release date as of yet but we here at Geek New Now will keep you up to date. For more geeky news about the holidays or just in general check out our newly redesigned website check us out on Facebook and check out our gamers over on Twitch.

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