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Chris Cassidy: GNN A/V Lead

Chris Cassidy had a history of creating inventive and fun YouTube videos before joining up with GNN. Now, he’s been able to expand his horizons and put out a whole series of episodes that people have enjoyed.



GNN: The best part of your Youtube day is?

Chris: I have gotten the MOST joy from when people watch my music videos or trailers and tell me they love it or that it makes them want to go watch the original movie. This has happened several times and one woman even told me one of my videos helped inspire her daughter (13 years old) to want to start watching Star Wars. Sharing my love of the films I cherish and hearing people enjoy my creations is one of the best feelings ever.



GNN: What has working with GNN allowed you to do?

Chris: I enjoy getting to use a variety of different skills and work on different projects. I can make explainer videos, do reviews, critiques, host interviews, create logos, and keep making music videos and trailers. I love being able to work on many different projects that still overall center around the things I love as a Geek.


GNN: Which Youtubers do you admire the most?

Chris: Two of my favorite reviewers are The Critical Drinker and Robot Head. I appreciate their knowledge of what they are talking about (usually movies) and their humor. Heroes Fan Productions is the channel that partially inspired me to start making my own music videos and get into editing, so I gotta give him props as well. How it Should Have Ended or HISHE always makes me laugh. And I GOTTA give props to Auralnauts, their Star Wars and Batman spoofs are amazing.



GNN: If you could insert yourself, as yourself, into a movie what movie would that be?

Chris: Star Wars. Even if I’m totally out of place I don’t even care, I would get to say I was in Star Wars.


GNN: Where is GNN Youtube headed?

Chris: We are headed for great success! I myself only joined the team 2 months ago and we are looking for more Youtubers to help us grow. And we are growing already! We already have at least one video dropping a week, usually more than one, and those numbers are going to increase! I myself am planning a weekly Livestream where we can interact LIVE with our Geek News Now Audience! I am greatly looking forward to it, it will be up and running in the New Year if not sooner!

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