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Eating Those Eggs Has Many Fans Hard-boiled

The Child aka “baby Yoda” came on to our screen and in to our hearts a year ago. Through the first season he was nothing but cute and totally won the hearts of the viewing audience. People could hardly wait for season 2 to see what cute little hi-jinks the toddler would get into in the further adventures with his surrogate father the Mandalorian.

Then in the episode titled “The Passanger” he did something so heinous that is set the Twitter-vers ablaze. Poor little guy was so hungry from his travels that he proceeded to snack on the eggs of the titular character. How dare he! He is supposed to be the good guy. Why would he presumably participate in the act of “genocide”.

People took to Twitter to voice their concerns. One user said on November 6 “Gosh, Baby Yoda is losing the charm, I hated him because he ate the eggs of a lady frog and her species. IT’S IN EXTINCTION!!!!”. Another user posted Baby Yoda not knowing any better…genocide for sake of ‘cute humor’ is never very funny. I mean, I laughed but I felt really guilty about it.”

When dealing with situations like this there is an important fact to remember. IT IS FICTION!!!! This is not really happening. Plus there was nothing said about the frog lady being the last of her kind. It was eluded to thaqt this would end HER line meaning her family but not the species as a whole. Also take into account that these are unfertilized eggs which means that they were no viable embryos yet.

This isn’t the first time something gruesome has happened with in the Star Wars universe and people have said nothing. I’m not speaking of any of the newer content that Disney has produced. I speak not of the prequel trilogy either. I am speaking of the beloved original trilogy.

In the Return of the Jedi lets look at Jabba. He kept “slave” girls as dancers but that’s not all. According to the movie novelization after he took “control” of Leia he planted a sloppy wet kiss on her. He was using them not only for dancing but also for sexual gratification. So human trafficking is in existence in the Star Wars universe but there is no public out cry about that.

You may say “Well Jabba is a bad guy and we need to expect that behavior from him.” Ok so let’s look at the unsung heroes of the rebellion. I am of course speaking of the beloved Ewoks. When we first meet them they are ready to roast Han, Luke and Chewie for a feast for their new god. Skip to the end of the movie and there is a huge celebration happening on Endor. There is dancing and merriment and one would assume food.

Where did the food come from?

Well we know that the Ewoks are not above eating people and there are several empty Imperial helmets being used as instruments. One can only postulate as to where those imperials went. To make matters worse our heroes, not wanting to insult their hosts, would not want to refuse the magnificent feast they had prepared for them. No uproar about cannibalism there. Probably because its all in the Original Trilogy and we are not to speak ill of the holy trilogy.

All that being said lets not look at The Child as a genocidal maniac but remember that gruesome stuff in the Star Wars stories happened long before he was around. Also keep in mind and always remember that these are works of fiction and are not really happening. We all need to stop reading between the lines and enjoy the movies and shows for the story that they give us.

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  1. Zac Furr

    November 24, 2020 at 10:30 am

    I wouldn’t take it too hard. I know that the average IQ of any Twitter that screams moral outrage and yet cannot bring themselves to go to church is not as high as baby Yoda’s age.

  2. CNCharger

    November 24, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Just twitter users who wanted attention. Same thing happened with female armor in the following episode. Surprised no one was outraged at that during clone wars or rebels.

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