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Add a Little Green to Your Holiday Beverage

The Child aka “Baby Yoda” has invaded nearly every aspect of our lives. Toys, candy and even a licensed cereal its hard to make a trip to any retail outlet with out seeing this little green cutie. With the holidays fast approaching it makes sense that he would make a move into the holiday market and what better way than our festive beverages. Feast your eyes on the new, fun way to make the seasonal sip with aĀ hot cocoa bombĀ that gives you a The Child twist.

A typical hot cocoa bomb is made up of a hollow chocolate ball thatā€™s filled with mini white marshmallows. The idea is that as the chocolate melts in your warm mug of hot chocolate, it bursts open to reveal the marshmallows as they float to the top. It makes for a super Instagrammable moment, and kids are bound to get a kick out of it, too. Galerie has put aĀ Star Wars: The MandalorianĀ spin on the winter treat by introducing The Child version. The 2.12-ounce hot cocoa bomb is made of milk chocolate and comes with a green Baby Yoda marshmallow inside.

While this hot cocoa bomb doesnā€™t feel like a Christmas product, it isĀ marketed as a holiday item, so donā€™t be surprised if it doesnā€™t stick around for long. You can get the treat atĀ KrogerĀ andĀ Galerieā€™s websiteĀ for $3.99. Theyā€™ve also beenĀ popping up on Amazon.

What better way to spend the cold Hoth evenings than making a plate of your favorite cookies, The Star Wars Holiday Special on the TV and a little green sweetness in your cup. For more geeky news check out our newly redesignedĀ websiteĀ check us out onĀ FacebookĀ and check out our gamers over onĀ Twitch.

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