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Dominic Garza: GNN Gamer

Dominic Garza has been GNN as both a Staff Writer for the website and now as a gamer for the GNN Twitch channel. We sat down with him and let him talk to us about why he’s with GNN and his love of gaming.


1. You were a writer for GNN and now a gamer. Talk about making that transition.

Dominic: Making that transition from writer to gamer felt natural for me. I always felt like my abilities as a writer were always meant for more creative styles. I feel like GNN Gaming was always where I was meant to be.

2. What are some of your favorite gaming memories?

Dominic: When I was 15 years old, playing Halo 3 Multiplayer on Narrows. I noticed a majority of my team left the game. This left me in a 1v4 situation and I wanted to see the match finished. Through pure instinct and determination, I won the match single-handedly.



3. What is it like gaming with GNN?

Dominic: There’s a very strong feeling of camaraderie within this team. I can easily go about my day knowing that if something were to happen, either tech issues or life itself, I can call for help and someone can fill in for me while I figure out things on my end.

4. You had some issues getting your computer up and running. How eager are you to stick to a schedule and stream your gaming?

Dominic: Very eager, actually. I’m finally ready to step up and do my part for GNN Gaming and GNN as a whole.

5. Where is GNN gaming going and where might it take you?

Dominic: To be honest I don’t really know. My hope for GNN Gaming is for us to become one of the main streams on the platform, a real destination for gamers. As for myself, I’ve finally started my path as a content creator and I hope to follow it to a promising career.


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