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William Morgan – The Geek Gauntlet Podcast Host

Meet William Morgan, the host for “The Geek Gauntlet” podcast. Their show runs through as many geeky news topics in an hour to keep you as well informed as possible. Check out their show on these platforms:



1. Sum up the Geek Gauntlet podcast in 25 words or less.

William: The Geek Gauntlet is for all people to have a escape from this crazy world and have fun. It will become a force in the media and entertainment industry.



2. What is your role within GNN?

William: I see myself as a leader with in the team on the podcasting side of things. Helping with ideas a over 10 years of experience. Would really like to help guys hone their show vision into something special.

3. What is it with RWBY that makes it a favorite show of yours?

William: RWBY has always been one of my favorites. The storyline is solid and the characters are well developed. But my favorite thing about the show are the weapons. Everything in the show is a gun and that’s awesome. Yang is my favorite and she can kick butt with her shotgun gauntlets.

4. The best part of doing a podcast with GNN is….?

William: The best part of doing a GNN podcast is the support you get from the team. Its like you join one big happy family. Dave does a really good job of working with people and helping them grow.

5. Your geeky crush is….?

William: My geeky crush is two fold…Scarlett Johanssen and Gal Gadot.


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