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John Biscardi – The Geek and I Podcast Host

Meet John Biscardi, the host of GNN – The Geek and I Podcast with John & Jeff!
2020 has NOT been kind to him including hitting him with the COVID virus, yet he comes back again and again to put out a podcast that has a new guest every week! You can listen to it on any of these platforms:
1. You have had quite the year. COVID, a hernia, complications from COVID, but you always kept the desire going to podcast again. Where did that desire come from?
John: Boredom. Plus, being a radio announcer in the past, an urge to get back being the mic.
2. One of your most treasured movie memories is…?
John: Toss up between taking my dad to see the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade premiere in Manhattan, and taking my son to the opening night midnight show of Revenge of the Sith.
3. What is GNN and what have you learned being part of it?
John: GNN is about honest content that is for the fans.
4. What’s the most fun you’ve had while podcasting?
John: Probably our talk with the President of Legion M. Very informative and a super fun chat with a cool dude.
5. Where do you think GNN is headed and where could it take you?
John: If GNN sticks to the plan of honesty with the fans and a passion for doing things the right way, it has the potential of being a big player in the industry.
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