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Lucifer says Constantine 2 is a go!

Constantine 2, a follow-up to the 2005 movie starring Keanu Reeves, is in the works according to Peter Stormare, who played Lucifer in the original film. Stormare, who has also appeared in Fargo, Aramageddon, American Gods,Ā John Wick: Chapter 2, was a standout in the DC comics adaptation.

Despite being panned by critics and comic book fans alike upon release,Ā ConstantineĀ has been re-evaluated in recent years, especially since Reeves has experienced a major career resurgence due to theĀ John WickĀ franchise.

Lucifer seems to know something is up.

Now,Ā StormareĀ has seemingly confirmedĀ Constantine 2Ā is in fact happening. He has posted an image of himself as Lucifer inĀ ConstantineĀ on Instagram with the accompanying captionĀ “Sequel In The Works.”

While an official confirmation from Warner Brothers about the start of production, it would be great news to see this project move forward.

ConstantineĀ has long been seen as ripe for a sequel, and with Reeves returning to his action-sci-fi roots with theĀ John WickĀ franchise, as well as reprising the role of Neo inĀ The Matrix 4, now is the perfect time to put a sequel into production. There have been hints in recent months that DC and WB might be considering makingĀ Constantine 2, with a video released at DC FanDome seeming to confirm the original movie isĀ part of the DC movie multiverse.

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