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Top 5 Reasons “The Mandalorian” is Loved Throughout the Galaxy

Season 2 of The Mandalorian is finally here and fans are flocking to their Disney Plus subscriptions every Friday to watch the newest episodes. The Mandalorian premiered on the Disney streaming service in November of 2019 and gave fans a renewed hope for the Star Wars franchise. Season 1 gave us 8 glorious episodes and left us begging for more at the end of the year.

But why do fans love The Mandalorian so much? There is more to its appeal than just being another Star Wars story. These are the top 5 reasons why I think fans love this series so freakin’ much.

#5: In a Western Far Far Away

The Mandalorian walking away from the sunset – courtesy of Disney

The Star Wars movies are known for their action, specifically with lightsabers. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that many of us just loved the idea of space wizards fighting each other with cool laser swords. But anyone who has delved beyond the movies can attest that it’s a big galaxy out there, and it’s not always about the Jedi.

If you liked Firefly, you’ll love The Mandalorian. The series takes us away from the epic saga and brings us into a Western-style storytelling. The pacing is slower which gives fans a chance to actually enjoy the environment and makes the character development that much more impactful. We really get to see how rough and tough the galaxy can be and its something we can relate to a lot easier as fans.

#4. Sooka! Sooka!

Jawas holding up the sooka! – courtesy of


Nothing makes fans happier than easter eggs. All the good comic book movies have easter eggs and callbacks to the actual comics and previous movies. The Mandalorian is no different. In nearly every episode, we see any number of various callbacks to the movies and past series. From seeing an IG series bounty hunter in action to R5 rolling around with a repaired motivator, there’s something for fans of all levels.

These easter eggs add to the levels of excitement that fans already have going into each episode. When we see something that we recognize from past Star Wars trivia, we geek out even further. I can only imagine how much fun it is for the producers to put these little treats into the show for us, knowing we’ll all lose our minds once we see them.

#3. Story Time!

Mando is silently judging you behind that visor – courtesy of Disney Plus

The series wouldn’t go far at all if there weren’t any actual stories to tell. The Mandalorian is chock full of fun and interesting stories. Some are more action-packed than others, but each one helps create the surrounding galaxy and develop the plot and characters.

Fans can enjoy seeing bounties being collected, the terrifying force of an AT-ST walker attacking a defenseless village, and even a jailbreak. The series explores elements of the franchise’s bestiary, both new and old. Moff Gideon adds an element of danger that only Giancarlo Esposito can provide. Now that he has the legendary Darksaber of Mandalore, anything could happen!

#2. This Is the Way

This is the way – courtesy of Disney Plus

This comes in as a close second for the series. Mandalorians! The space warriors have caught our interest since we first saw Boba Fett in the original trilogy. Later we see Mandalorians further fleshed out in The Clone Wars series, and it’s clear fans can’t get enough of the proud race.

Mandalorians are the inherent badasses of Star Wars lore. These masked warriors come fully equipped with supreme fighting skills, sweet armor, and a deadly arsenal of cool weapons and gadgets. They are skilled enough to take on Jedi AND WIN. Who doesn’t want to be a Mandalorian?

The title of the series is literally The Mandalorian, and we are given at least one Mandalorian in every episode. He is, however, not the only Mando in the series, and most certainly not always the favorite. We get a glimpse at the “One for All and All for One” type of camaraderie that binds these warriors together. Ever wanted to see what a squad of Mandalorians could do to an army of bounty hunters?

From the Armorer to the Mandalorian himself, there is no shortage of badassery in the series.

This is the way!

#1. Cuteness Overload

Baby Yoda says Hi! – courtesy of Disney Plus

Under normal circumstances, the Mandalorians would take first place in this list. However, The Mandalorian throws in something that surpasses the awesomeness of those proud warriors. The series dubs him as “The Child”, but that name just doesn’t stick. Sorry, Disney! This adorable bundle of cuteness will forever be known as Baby Yoda.

This little guy was immediately a fan favorite. At a youthful 50 years old, Baby Yoda is the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen in the Star Wars universe. Not only is he cute, but he has also shown a bit of prowess with the Force. This has come in handy for the Mandalorian in his travels, but usually comes at the price of Baby Yoda crashing hard and falling asleep. It is entirely possible that Baby Yoda could grow up to be a great Jedi. Of course, I think many fans hope he foregoes the Jedi way and takes on the Way of the Mandalorian, but only time will tell.

That’s it!  That’s the list! Do you agree with this list? What are your top 5 reasons for loving The Mandalorian series? Follow us on Facebook and tell us what you think!

I have spoken!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Luke

    November 9, 2020 at 8:03 am

    The Child is a big reason why people watch it

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