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Chris Bogner: Lead Gamer

An introduction and discussion with the Department Head for the “GNN Gaming Gurus”, Chris Bogner. He oversees a team of numerous gamers that are streaming on our Twitch channel every week. You can “follow” them or subscribe to the channel to support their work!

  1. What was your intro to gaming? Why do you game now?

Chris: As a kid, I grew up with the original NES system in our house. But I didn’t really get into gaming until I was about 12. My dad gave me my first GameBoy Advance along with Pokemon: Yellow Version. I’ve been gaming ever since. Nowadays, I mostly game to maintain my social life. Most of my friends live in various parts of the country and even the world. Gaming brings us together and gets us away from the real world, even if just for a little bit.


  1. You’re the Department Head for the “Gaming Gurus” at GNN. What does that mean to you?

Chris: I am dedicated to GNN and the Gaming Gurus. I want to see us all succeed as a whole. Being the department head just means I get to share in some of the higher responsibilities to ensure that happens. As department head, my entire goal is to see my team do well. I will do whatever I can, using all of my talents to help us make it to the top.



  1. What drew you to GNN? What do you enjoy about the organization?

Chris: I love writing. I love all things geeky. When I saw GNN was calling for writers, I decided to give it a shot. Originally, GNN was just a creative outlet during a pandemic. My original thought was: “Well, I’m stuck inside anyways. Why not write about what I love?”  Once I got started, though, I fell in love with the organization, the team members, and ultimately the dream. The organization helps me realize my love for writing, and it allows me to get my own opinion and creative ideas out there for the world to see. It allows me to express my love for the geeky things in life. The camaraderie within the organization keeps us together, and we’re just one big happy family (even if David is a whip-cracking taskmaster). Whether they realize it or not, I’ve adopted them all.

Mine. My family. My precious….


  1. What is a favorite gaming moment for you?

Chris: I think my favorite gaming moment was in April of 2020 during the Extra Life United event. Originally the event was to be held in Florida as a convention, but the pandemic forced it online. Extra Life is an organization that raises money for the Miracle Children’s Network, and I was raising money for the San Antonio Children’s Hospital. I entered into the Magic the Gathering Arena tournament. Top 8 would get extra money going towards their hospital of choice. Ultimately, I made it to 5th place and was able to raise $1,122.00 for the Children’s Hospital.

Chris: I think my favorite game was when I played against my “doppelganger” for the top 8 position. At the time, I was using the nickname Caplock. It just so happened that there was ANOTHER Caplock in the tournament. Once I saw them on the roster, I fervently hoped we would be matched up, just for the meme. Sure enough, we both made top 16 and we ended up competing against each other. Ultimately, I defeated him and climbed into Top 8, but it was a fantastic match, a real nail-biter until the very end.



  1. What really shines about the team?

Chris: What can I say? We have an amazing team. We all love gaming, and we all have our own passions. We have a diverse crew with a variety of styles, all in one place. Just as with GNN crew, I consider the Gurus my family, and I love every one of them. We’re all learning the ropes, but I’m betting we’ll go far. We already have.

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