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Jimmie’s Top 5 Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen…BUT YOU SHOULD WATCH THEM TONIGHT!

Ahoy geeks, Jimmie here on this wonderful (and slightly different) Halloween evening, gearing up for fun with the family despite covid.

Halloween is a wonderous time of seeing all sorts of fun costumes, eating yummy treats and watching some great movies! Being the spooky season what better way to enjoy the night than watching some awesome horror movies in your darkened living room.

The only question you may run into is “What should I watch?” since you have probably seen most of the movies out there. Not to worry, my friend! I have 5 suggestions for some horror flicks on my watchlist that you may not have seen, but you really need to watch them…..TONIGHT!!!

Without further ado, let’s get on with the show:

  1. Abattoir (dir. Darren Lynn Bousman)– This first gem is from the mind that brought us some awesome horror flicks (Saw 2 through 3, and the re-make of Mother’s Day). This awesome, and very unique movie (based on the comic book of the same name), poses the question “How do you build a haunted house?’. The answer to this question brings us to the introduction of Jebediah Crone, and his quest to buy properties where gruesome deaths have occurred (mostly by unnatural means). How he puts his haunted creation together I will leave for you to see when you sit down to watch this with your loved ones (to scare the crap out of them).
  2. Repo the Genetic Opera (dir. Darren Lynn Bousman)- While were at it, let’s jump into something a little bit different for your viewing pleasure. This next film is a departure from the straight up scare fest material, and interjecting some awesome music (composed by Darren Smith and Terrence Zdunich). Oh, and will you look at that, this is another original concept brought to us by Darren Lynn Bousman. The story of this movie brings us into a dystopian future where the world is obsessed with body modification (you know, new arms, face, internal organs and so on), and the corporation, GeneCo, has what everyone wants. This flick has some interesting star power as well behind it to include Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series), Paris Hilton (yes, her), Bill Mosley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) and Nivek Ogre (from the industrial music group Skinny Puppy).
  3. Demons (dir. Lamberto Bava)– This gore-fest is brought to the screen by Italian horror maestro Lamberto Bava, and he really delivers the goods with this one! Gore? Check! Morons that do not know to put on weird demon-shaped masks? You betcha! Outstanding practical gore effects for transforming humans to demons? Oh yeah! This is a perfect movie for the evening festivities, but make sure the rugrats are in bed before firing this one up for sure.
  4. My Name is Bruce (dir. Bruce Campbell)- What Halloween movie list would not be complete with a visit by your friend, and mine, Bruce Campbell. Sure, he is known for Evil Dead, but he has done so much more (Briscoe County Jr, anyone?). This piece of cinematic gold shows what would happen if Bruce was hired to play his character from his films. Which film, you ask? Hell if I know, haha! All I know is I have never seen so much bean curd in any movie based in the Pacific northwest. Not to mention the goofiest end battle since  The Last Jedi (yes, I went there on Halloween.).
  5. Near Dark (dir. Kathryn Bigelow)- Last, but certainly not least, is a vampire movie from my youth that truly is deserving of a viewing tonight. Near Dark, directed by one-time director Kathryn Bigelow, was a fun romp through small town America as a band of nomadic vampires went about draining the populace. Was it a great movie? Not really, but it was a hell of a lot of fun (and is probably why the director only did the one movie).

Enjoy yourselves tonight with some goodies, and one (or all of the movies tonight), and stay safe my geeky friends!

What movies would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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